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Plastic blending to improve the antistatic property

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Blending of absorbent polymer antistatic mechanism similar to adding antistatic agent. Absorbent polymers in the matrix surface scattered, and leakage passage formation, achieve the goal of antistatic. Plastic blending to improve the antistatic property and conductivity are in a matrix resin mixed with absorbent polymer and conductive polymers, thus to improve its antistatic property and conductivity method. This is a kind of permanent antistatic ability, the method of improved its improved products after washing, friction and long-term use, antistatic ability basically remain unchanged. Blending conductive polymer antistatic mechanism similar to add carbon materials and metal materials, conductive polymer after reach a certain amount of mixing, formed in the substrate network channel, textile and the generation of static electricity.

plastic coating to improve the antistatic property of concrete mixed with key on the conductivity of the coating. Then concrete blending formula, such as for absorbent polymer blend, not adding compatilizer, hope bad compatibility, good water imbibition polymer concentration on the substrate surface. If the blend as conductive polymer, selecting proper compatilizer visual and the circumstances. Plastic coating to improve the antistatic property and conductivity is a kind of add antistatic and conductive material or blend mixture coating, the coating of paint to the injection molding products processing on the surface of a modified method. Coating modification for antistatic and conductive effect is good, the advantages of the modification cost is low; The downside for the connection between the coating and the magnesium substrate fastness is not high, has a tendency to take off a layer of.

plastic coating to improve the electrical conductivity is solid conductive material with special methods to plastic plating on the surface, so as to improve the electrical conductivity method. Plastic after electron beam radiation, obviously increase the electrical conductivity and usually increases to several orders of magnitude. When radiation dose hour, increase the electrical conductivity of the at the end of the radiation will disappear and restore to its original value; When radiation dose big, increase the electrical conductivity of the permanently preserved.

plastic itself does not have any magnetic field, mostly developed several kinds of magnetic polymer in recent years, but because of its processing injection molding is difficult and it is difficult to promote. Plastic magnetic is obtained by the appropriate modification, specific modification methods mainly include adding magnetic filler and blending two magnetic resin, is also useful for magnetic coating method. With modification methods for magnetic plastic in composite magnetic plastics, although its magnetic as magnet magnetic is good, but it has good mechanical properties, processing performance, the advantages of small size precision is high and the relative density, and thus apply more extensive, can be used in some magnetic occasions request is not high.

add to improve plastic magnetic is a general resin added a large number of magnetic materials and make them obtain the magnetic method, this is a common way to improve the magnetic. Add to improve plastic magnetic added with the main materials for magnetic powder, magnetic powder with ferrite powder and rare earth magnetic powder two kinds big. Due to poor compatibility of magnetic powder and resin, and add quantity is big, therefore, generally need to deal with the coupling of magnetic powder, titanate coupling agent can use ester coupling agent. Coupling agent besides can improve the compatibility with resin, can also improve liquidity injection tooling composite magnets, the apparent viscosity decreased obviously.

resin adhesive effect in composite magnets, it can make the magnetic powder adhesive of scattered, and provide the appropriate liquidity, make it can be formed to have a certain strength of magnetic products. Main requirements for the resin to the resin should be excellent processing liquid, so that higher magnetic powder filled composite plastic processing.

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