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Plastic building materials design materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Free foam board micro bubble hole, close to the surface with high density, and the center has low density, bubble hole relatively uniform distribution, but only a thin, hard surface layer or no hard layer, so the injection tooling plate surface is not hard, usually sheet density of 0. 7 - 0. 8, 3 - thickness range 10 mm, plank of the maximum width of 1500 mm. Crust foaming and co-extrusion foam core layer belong to control foam, its common feature is that the plate surface is hard layer, and the foam layer in core layer, the difference is that the crust foaming process, the cortex and core layer using the same kind of formula, and co-extrusion foam core layer can use different raw materials, have great difficulty on craft, so more widely applications as crust foaming.

polyester type artificial marble, unsaturated polyester resin as adhesives, such as quartz and calcite marble stone slag powder as the filling agent, after mixing casting forming. Polyester type artificial marble with high intensity, thickness can be thinner and lighter than with some specifications of natural marble quality is about 25%. In hardness, gloss and abrasion resistance is better than that of natural marble. Construction is convenient, easy to joining together, can make arc, curved surface shape of complex curved surface of the panel, or all kinds of instruments. Polyester, artificial marble, corrosion resistance, stain resistance.

according to the difference of molding process, there are three kinds of PVC low foamed board, namely free foam board, skinning foam board and co-extrusion core layer foam board. Free foaming plate USES is free foaming process, the foaming process is at the mouth of the extruder die and subsequent processing equipment free space between. Will the foam board for cooling, then smooth the surface of the polishing equipment for processing, further cooling.

artificial marble MMA resin has good heat resistance, put 215 ℃ hot iron made of this material on the kitchen table, there were no changes in 20 min, lighted cigarettes on the station, until the burning without discoloration phenomenon such as inflation and crack, the station surface materials of the thermal deformation temperature of 230 ℃, boiling water resistance is good, in the boiling water boil 500 h no change appearance and physical properties.

artificial marble MMA resin has good workability, usually with woodworking tools of the material for cutting, drilling, its special adhesives can also be used with wood, metal and so on solid bonding together. Melamine decorative board is also called the fire decorating plate, surface paper impregnated melamine impregnated phenolic resin and the underlying paper, through the high temperature and high pressure. According to the requirements of use into a light, soft light, suede, mirror, high wear resistance, anti-static, anaglyph, metal finishing, after forming, etc. Series of varieties. Surface can be made into imitation wood grain, imitation marble, imitation leather case grain, textiles and various kinds of art design.

artificial marble colors and patterns can be designed by the designers flexible, good reproducibility, and there is no off color, rich and elegant appearance and delicate texture, is the ideal of modern building decoration materials. Artificial marble can be used for indoor ground and metope adornment, countertops, kitchen facilities and sinks, makeup, bath sanitary ware, etc. According to the type of injection molding processing and synthetic resin used in the artificial marble, widely used at present have polyester type artificial marble and MMA resin artificial marble of two types.

fireproof decorative board is a kind of very thin, decorative plates, usually cannot be used alone, must be paste in a substrate with strength, adornment material to become available. Melamine decorative sheet can be used for residential, office buildings, shopping malls such as the structure of the wall plate, plate, such as interior decoration, furniture and kitchen panels and adornment, also widely used in vehicles, ships and other transportation interiors. Of PVC low foaming decorating plate is add the foaming agent and other additives in PVC resin, with extrusion process molding has fine bubble pore structure of extrusion sheet inside.

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