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Plastic crosslinking modification methods

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Crosslinking of plastic is a kind of plastic chemical modification methods, it compared with graft copolymerization and chemical modification methods, advantages of simple operation, and can be in plastic processing enterprises forming while implementing crosslinking modification, which is common to use.

plastic/polymer network under the influence of macromolecular chains in some external factors can free radicals reaction or functional groups, so as to form new chemical bonds between the macromolecular chains, the linear structure of the polymer formation process of polymer network structure to some extent. Can cause crosslinking of the external factors for different forms of energy, and concrete such as light, heat and radiation. Different forms of crosslinking methods need energy, radiation crosslinking need radiation energy, and chemical crosslinking is need to heat energy. Specific crosslinking reaction process, in accordance with different external energy and crosslinking methods, and adopt different ways of response.

after crosslinking of macromolecular structure of plastic changed the original polymer from linear structure into a mesh size structure, leading to its original performance changes significantly.

crosslinking can improve the performance of the following
1. Tensile strength, crosslinking can make the tensile strength increased, but with different crosslinking methods, the increase in a different way. 2. With the change rule of impact strength tensile strength similar to that of a parabolic variation, and also has a maximum value. 3. Hardness. 4. Heat resistance, heat resistance changing with crosslinking can be significantly increased. 5. Electrical performance, volume resistivity fell slightly, while the dielectric strength and resistance to voltage have varying degrees of increase. 6. Creep resistance, crosslinking can obviously improve the creep resistance of plastic materials. Crosslinking lead to decline in performance is mainly for the elongation at break.

plastic crosslinking modification method can make the different methods of polymer crosslinking reaction, radiation cross said mediatek is under the effect of radiation energy, the macromolecular chain to produce free radicals, and a method of crosslinking reaction. This approach generally do not need to add other additives, the disadvantage is that high investment in equipment, easy to cause environmental pollution. Compound peroxide crosslinking method for heat with organic peroxide decomposition produces free radicals that cause macromolecular crosslinking reaction. Silane crosslinking with silane grafting between the macromolecular crosslinking agent, this method is of low cost, high crosslinking degree, so commonly used.

general measure plastic gel rate available to the crosslinking degree of representation. Gel content and gel rate is larger, the higher the degree of crosslinking. Gel composition for thermoplastic resin in solvent insoluble part of the content, the structure is divided into form a mesh size parts.

crosslinking is a kind of can make almost all performance have different degree to improve the performance of excellent and almost no damage to the original a modification method.

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