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Plastic decorative design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
To add some fine flake metal or alloy powder to the injection molding products processing, can make the products with color and luster of the metal. Commonly used aluminum, copper or aluminum copper mixture. Normally the size of the sheet metal thickness of 0. 1 - 2 um, diameter of 0. 5 - 200um。 When mixed with resin metal general orientation for the layer. Metal effect is determined by many factors, including sheet metal orientation and parallelism, sheet metal on the surface of the product size and shape, etc.

the transparent organic pigments coated beads light color, interference color illusions or in a variety of non-ferrous metal oxide coated, another kind of color pearl pigment can be obtained Shading kind of pearl pigment. After coloring silvery white pearl color, especially the iridescence kind of pearl pigment, not only won't lose its original optical properties, can get more beautiful than the original interference color instead of additional color effects. Mica titanium pearl pigment view flash effect of color, such as observer viewing Angle and see different interference color is called color transfer.

floodlight have effect of phosphor plastic products in the dark for its characteristics, it is difference with fluorescent plastic products. Phosphorescent plastic contain pigments can absorb a certain wavelengths of light energy, and at lower wavelengths in the light of the release. Paint variety, light energy release delay time, and in the process of the launch will be different, this process can be continued for several hours, depending on the inspire the length and the size of the process. Phosphorescent pigment is of the most common inorganic oxide, zinc sulfide as an additive complex, some molecules capable of fluorescent phosphor characteristics.

in the large area on the surface of this kind of phenomenon of color transfer performance more fully, the largest color transfer may vary from one color to its complementary color, such as changing from red to green, from blue to orange, from yellow to purple, etc. Particle size selection is very important, granularity coarser of mica titanium pearl pigment with high refractive index, the luster is stronger, the stars twinkling in the metal products present perspective, the mica titanium pearl pigment grain presents a pearly luster of silk and satin, fine and soft.

pearl pigment cannot and opaque pigment mix, that can only be used in the transparent plastic, can show a good pearl effect. For mica titanium pearl pigment in plastic with good directional arrangement, which related to the machining process. Using fluorescent pigment can make the products fluoresce under light or fluorescent lamp irradiation. The characteristics of fluorescent pigment is that it can absorb the light energy of visible and ultraviolet light, and in different wavelength to launch it.

pearl color used a can reflect the pearl pigment color and coated with titanium dioxide is the most important synthetic pearl pigment of mica chip. The injection molding processing mica titanium pearl pigment, it is can adjust the mica titanium dioxide polycrystalline film wafer surface geometric thickness and layers for different interference color color pearl pigment and known as iridescent or unreal colour bead light color. The colour effect is the result of reflection and refraction of light superposition.

we see from the surface of fluorescent color, is a mix of reflected light and reflected light. It is a very bright colors tend to be. Fluorescent pigment is mainly used for transparent products, adding some rare earth phosphor to the plastic products, in the sun is ecru, but under the strong ultraviolet radiation can emit red, yellow, blue, light should be on the plastic container can have the effect of anti-counterfeiting mark. Fluorescent plastic products can also be used in other need to have a marked effect on the plastic parts of such as road marking, security tags, etc.

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