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Plastic environmental ethics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Used as nuclear materials or need radiation disinfection of plastic packaging products, to consider the plastic parts for radiation dose tolerance ability. Usually used for food packaging plastic for a 25 kgy to tolerance dose of radiation. Life is more than three years, without changing the using performance of polymer injection tooling is called radiation. For the nuclear industry and craft materials, insist on ability 1000 kgy or larger doses of radiation, working time for 30 years.

metal materials can be recycled use, wood can be recycled, or as fuel, or rot after returning to nature. And plastic material is a synthetic polymer materials, has the characteristics of under natural conditions is not easy to decompose completely. Therefore, with the mass production of plastic products and applications, makes the abandoned in the environment have increased the number of waste plastics, especially disposable plastic packaging materials, agricultural film, if we do not focus on recycling to comprehensive utilization, environmental pollution and the destruction of ecological balance, the consequences are serious.

the mechanical properties of starch based biodegradable plastics is not ideal, now is mainly used in enormous quantity wide field of film and packing materials, mainly with foam plastic, packaging bags, snack box, drink cup, non-woven fabric, plastic, etc. In the most development prospect of biodegradable plastics should be a new type of degradable plastics. Now with the development and have business there are three kinds of applications, namely, polylactic acid, bureau of hydroxy fatty acid ester, giant tripod diacid butyl glycol ester. Full degradable plastics is the current price is relatively expensive, with the progress of technology and the expansion of production capacity is expected, the price will be gradually reduced. Market potential applications include packaging materials, car inner decoration, telecommunications equipment, etc.

at present, the global plastic has accounted for 8% of total waste, accounting for 6% of the Marine debris. Therefore, as more man-made factors, shows the environment of the plastic waste has affected the human survival environment. The environmental impact of plastic waste, at a very early age already has drawn great attention of the global HuanBaoJie, starting from the height of the environmental ethics, many countermeasures are put forward.

degradable plastics is a kind of performance of their products can meet the use requirement, in the control of preservation period performance basically remain unchanged, and in the environmental conditions in pairs environment harmless substance, such as carbon dioxide, water and other low molecular compounds of plastic materials. Join the photosensitive sex material in the polymer materials, polymer compounds absorb ultraviolet light after low molecular compound becomes. With natural polymer, microbial synthesis of polymer and some of the synthetic polymer made by chemical method. Under natural conditions, and and in the role of bacteria, fungi, such as enzymes, has a high molecular compound into low molecular compounds.

about injection molding products processing antibacterial performance testing and evaluation, has the standard test method so far, according to this method, can assess the product or material in favor of mold growth conditions of mold caused by mold and degree of surface changes and the impact on performance, so as to provide the basis for the choice of materials. Environment coordination can be interpreted as a material in abandoned after another form to recycle, or absorb for the environment, without environmental pollution and destruction of ecological balance.

the current industrial production is more light degradation and biodegradation technology combination, on the basis of the starch of the so-called double degradable starch plastics. Starch based biodegradable plastic has good biodegradability, and technically feasible, economically rational, so it is currently the most widely used a kind of biodegradable plastics, the trend of the development of starch based plastics is produced can be degraded completely so-called whole starch plastics.

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