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Plastic injection mold design processing plants

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Parts of the structure determines the complexity of the mould structure and injection molding processing plant parts of technical requirements determine the mold making and molding process easily. So for do not meet the requirements of special plastic injection molding, the unreasonable structure shape and so on, all should put forward the improved design scheme of plastic parts, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of the mold design and manufacturing and injection molding process. The technical standard restricted the size of the mold and injection molding machine can molding plastic parts.

injection mold is installed in the use of injection molding technology and equipment, think in terms of mold design for plastic injection machine specification, mainly includes: maximum injection volume, injection pressure, maximum clamping force, mould installation size, and mould schedule, etc. When designing moulds, should first consult on the injection molding machine operation instruction of injection molding machine manufacturers to provide the technical specifications. Because of the same specifications of the injection molding machine, the manufacturer is different, a slightly different technical specifications.

table at the center of the injection molding machine fixed template have a regulation the size of the hole, called a positioning hole. Injection molding machine face radial size and positioning convex blastholes clearance fit, easy to mold installation, and make the mainstream way of centerline with the centerline of nozzle. Die face convex platform height should be less than positioning hole depth. Injection mold shape size should be less than effective size of injection molding machine workbench. The size of the mould length and width direction should be compatible with injection molding machine rod spacing and the size of the mould at least one direction can through the space between the pull rod, can hold on the workbench face of injection molding machine.

in order to ensure the quality of parts, injection mold a molding plastic should be in 35% of nominal injection quantity - quality Maximum within the range of 75% 80%, the smallest should not be less than 10%. In order to ensure product quality, the ability to give full play to the equipment, the selection range usually at 50% 80%. Chooses the injection molding machine injection pressure must be greater than the required injection molding parts. Injection pressure and the variety of plastic molding, stamping, injection molding machine size and shape of types, nozzle and mold flow resistance and other factors.

good plastic melt flow, simple shape, wall thickness, the parts are needed for the injection pressure is generally less than 70 mpa. Plastic melt viscosity is low, general parts shape complexity and precision requirements, the required injection pressure is usually chosen as 70 - 100MPa。 Plastic melt with medium viscosity, shape complexity of the general parts, has a certain accuracy requirement, the injection pressure required elected 100 - 140MPa。

to the gas within the cavity discharge smoothly, prevent product defects such as gas hole, often in the mold parting surface is raised and exhaust slot. For small parts, due to the displacement is not big, can be directly used to exhaust parting surface. Many mould push rod or cores with template fit clearance can play a role of exhaust, but don't have to open another exhaust slot. Adjustment of demoulding mechanism, and prevent the demoulding mechanism parts by foreign body obstacle when reset, or limit the slide block core pulling the final location of the bar.

plastic melt with high viscosity, injection molding processing thin wall parts, large size, or uneven wall thickness, dimension precision request strictly, the injection pressure required in 140 - 180 mpa. Required for thermoplastic injection molding injection pressure can be obtained by theoretical analysis. Produced when high pressure plastic melt filled cavity die swell the separate mould along the parting surface, the expanding mold force is equal to the size of the parts and gating system in the projection area of the parting surface and the pressure in the cavity of the product. Expanding mold force must be smaller than rated injection molding machine clamping force.

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