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Plastic molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
A new development of varieties of car, the door side window along with the attached guide, adopted a one-time injection molding, and also including embedded an elastomer sealing strip. For processing a panoramic roof skylight modular components, first in the first injection unit, the transparent polycarbonate into a window mold, injection tooling and mold in the injection machine rotating 180 & deg; By the second injection unit will be black polycarbonate injection mould as the window frame.

in multicolor car taillight kind of multicolor don't parts can use multi-component injection molding process. And sandwich injection molding process to produce sandwich structure components, injection - Compression technology can produce larger area is too flat parts, such as more than 4 mm thick, a square large Windows of a car. Blow molding process, hot forming process, plastic craft, can produce capacity big hollow products. Foam molding, an air filling into the polymer matrix, a method of forming foam structure.

foreign carmakers, is made of plastic forming of streamlined body parts, made only 0. The wind resistance coefficient of 26, while the use of metal materials, according to think that only 0. 31 - 。 The wind resistance coefficient of 034 is cost-effective. Plastic also has designed for a variety of structural elements in a component, the forming a one-time processing of component integrated modular multiple part features. This reduces the number of parts required parts, simplify the assembly process. This characteristic in the design of automotive parts, is a design change, brought by the can enrich product design style and design.

like sofa, chair, mattress foam products, control the bubble hole size, density, density distribution, can realize the comfort level of the accord with human body engineering design. Foam also has the effect of sound insulation. All in all, the designer can according to the size of the parts, appearance, size, structure characteristics and the function of the parts, cost-effective processing method. An important advantage of the plastic molding is, from raw materials to finished products of complex shape parts can be a forming, don't need or rarely need secondary nap, directly get bright and clean surface and color you need.

along with the advance of processing technology, high efficiency high speed, high degree of automation to become the target of enterprise. Today a hot forming production line, the use of 24 cavity mould, in the production of a diameter of 75 mm drink cup, can achieve an average of 16 / s production speed, with 45 cavity mold production 40 ml PP drink cup, can reach 100000 per hour, and in the production of PET bottle blow molding machine, also created 60000 / h speed records.

has transparency made of plastic material is widely used in all kinds of packaging containers and plastic bottles, which greatly enhance the value of the goods. In addition, transparent plastic injection processing materials and optical lenses, optical instrument, glasses lens, lighting lamps and lanterns of ideal material. Plastic has very good molding processability, there are many kinds of plastic forming method, each kind of forming method has its own characteristics. Such as normal injection molding process can produce thin-walled solid parts, if you want to form in inside the hollow structure, can use the gas-assisted injection molding process.

metal parts, work out a complex shape parts, may be after dozens of working procedure. Therefore use plastic instead of metal parts production, can greatly reduce the cost of special equipment and process equipment, save labor, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost. Plastic metal forming more easily than, so there are a lot of flexibility on modelling design. Transportation vehicle, for example, is very important in design of a is to try to aerodynamic, processing by using the metal material is difficult to achieve the required shape on the design, and the plastic metal materials have obvious advantages.

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