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Plastic molding process

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Curing agent is to point to to resin curing, hardening of the additive, also known as curing agent. His role is to make the resin macromolecular crosslinking chain when heated, the formation of hard and stable shape mesh structure. Add organic pigments, inorganic pigments in plastic or organic dye, can make the plastic parts is beautiful and pleasant, improve the quality of the use of injection molding processing. Some colorants and other effects, such as ecru polyformaldehyde plastics can prevent the light aging after use carbon black coloring. The requirement of colorant is: stable performance, not easy to change color, do not react with other ingredients, strong tinting strength and resin has good intermiscibility. Should be paid attention to daily life with plastic products with non-toxic, tasteless colorants.

with the rapid development of high polymer chemistry and technology, the general plastics and the performance of new type of industrial plastic producing, according to statistics, up to now, there are more than 300 kinds of plastic in the world. So many varieties of plastic, and its performance, utility each are not identical, the process performance and methods of forming varied also. Plastic is numerical as the main ingredient, plasticizers, fillers, lubricants, additives for auxiliary ingredients such as colorants, can flow in a certain temperature and pressure under the action of forming macromolecule organic material.

stabilizer is refers to the resistance to slow plastic metamorphic material, the purpose of adding stabilizers is to prevent or inhibit resin external factors such as heat, light, oxygen and mold and change the quality and performance decline. The requirement of stabilizing agent is: water resistant, oil resistant, resistant to chemicals, with resin and miscibility. Don't break down in the molding process, volatile small, colorless. Commonly used stabilizers have stearic acid salt, the combination of lead and epoxy compound. Stabilizers can be classified as light stabilizer and heat stabilizer, antioxidant, etc.

in the industrial production and application, the pure resin often cannot meet the requirements of processing molding and practical use, the need to add additives to improve the process performance, the use of performance or reduce costs. Therefore, plastic made from a mix of resin and all kinds of additives, among them with resin as the main component, the type of plastic and basic performance depends on the resin. Accounting for 40% of the total quality plastic resin - 100%, its role is to make the plastics has the plasticity and liquidity, the bond together, various additives and determine the type of plastic and the main performance.

also known as filler, filler is important but not necessary ingredient in plastics. Add filler in polymer improve plastic performance, is the purpose of improving strength, expand the scope of its use, at the same time, reduce the use of the precious resin, reduce the cost. To the general requirements of filling agent, wetting behavior of unsaturated polyester resin is easily, and the resin has good adhesion, nature is stable, cheap, abundant source. Filler powder, fibrous and flake three forms.

parts structural design, the determination of the structure size. To convey less in view of the assembly relation of all kinds of parts, view cutting position. Under the premise that meets the requirement, should choose as far as possible at a low level, to reduce the cost of injection mould machining. In general, preferable base hole system, which can avoid setting value of cutting tools, measuring tool specification unnecessarily complicated, when combined with standard parts, generally in accordance with the standard parts, such as cooperate with rolling bearing shaft should be according to the basic hole system, cooperate with rolling bearing outer ring of the hole should be in accordance with the basic shaft system.

plasticizer means can improve the liquidity of the resin molding and improve the soft plastic additives, its purpose is to reduce the force between the polymer molecules. Is: to the requirement of plasticizer and resin has good intermiscibility, performance is stable, volatile small, don't reduce the main properties of plastic, nontoxic and harmless, the cost is low. Commonly used plasticizer with formic acid ester, phosphate ester and chlorinated paraffin, etc. The use of the plasticizer should be moderate, too much will reduce plastic mechanical properties and heat resistance.

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