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Plastic molding processing

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
High elastic state of obvious changes have taken place in the molecular motion and molecular chain of several or dozens of links in the chain segment as a sport unit began to move, called chain segment motion. At this point, in smaller under the action of external force can have larger deformation, deformation is reversible. State of mechanical characteristics like the injection molding processing rubber at room temperature, therefore, high elastic state, also known as rubber state. For crystalline polymer, because part of the organizational structure amorphous area, therefore in this temperature region, characterized by the chain segment of amorphous area has begun to exercise, and the chain segment is constrained by the lattice of crystallization area, unable to move, so the state of the mechanical characteristics of performance for both must be flexible, and has certain rigidity.

process conditions is to control the change of the raw material form, make the raw material of the machining performance on the change of each link in a very good, finish machining process, ensure the quality of the finished good internal performance and appearance. Mould is used, through accurate design of die structure, give manufactured goods in the desired shape and structure, and meet the performance requirements. Equipment, process and mould, plastic machinery, plastic technology and plastic mold design and manufacturing, the three professional disciplines.

temperature caused the two changes: one is the kinetic constant gain energy and kinetic energy increases, corresponding to molecular inter-atomic forces, a dramatic increase of amplitude and frequency of molecular motion. The second is the volume expansion, has provided enough free space for molecular motion. When elevated temperature reached a turning point, the state of the polymer has changed, from glassy state to a high elastic state, the state change of temperature is called the glass transition temperature, referred to as the glass transition temperature.

to had no plastic engineering professional education in terms of product designer, has the plastic processing of related knowledge is necessary, especially plastic molding process, this is because, the feasibility of the product design to final production parts and the difficulties of the stamping mold, mold the complexity, the quality of the parts and the production cost of high and low. Flow and deformation of the polymer under certain conditions is the basis of plastic raw materials to processing into products.

there are two kinds of circumstances, can satisfy the conditions of polymer flow and deformation: one is to make the polymer in solvent or under the action of dispersing agent, can be the free flow of solution or dispersion, another is to soften polymer by heating and melting as viscous flow of the melt. Plastic molding method, in addition to the few process, most of the molding was conducted in the latter case. General polymer under different temperature conditions can be in three kinds of physical state, namely the glassy state, high elastic and viscous flow.

plastic injection molding processing products is implemented through the corresponding processing equipment. Different forming methods require different molding equipment. Equipment shall meet the requirements of products molding, by controlling the temperature and pressure, change the shape of raw material, make the raw materials in order to complete mixing, plasticizing, flow and conveying, molding, cooling the process. Forming method is by factors such as material properties, the shape of products and use.

most of the plastic is characterized by the glassy state at room temperature. Glassy state refers to the plastic rigid in this condition, such as glass, affected by external force when the deformation is small, and it is reversible. The whole chain, even some link of molecular chain in the frozen state, not movement. Plastic in the state as a rigid material is used, is logical. When the polymer is in a state of hot working, and last the effect of heat, the temperature rising polymer itself.

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