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Plastic paint coating modification

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Paint coating modification of plastics is solution of synthetic or natural resin coated with proper method in coating is formed on the surface of injection molding processing products, has reached to protect or improve some properties of a surface modification method. Its function has a lot of, can improve the surface gloss of plastic products, wear resistance, hardness, prevent aging, and so on.

coating is mainly composed of three parts, resin type, including natural resin and synthetic resin, additives, function as the auxiliary film-forming and improves the performance of the membrane, solvent, auxiliary coating film.

1。 The basic properties of the resin class decided to paint, different plastic products is suitable for various coatings. As a result of the limitation of the thermal deformation temperature, the thermal plastic plastic unfavorable choose thermosetting coating, generally choose solvent evaporation coating, thermosetting plastic is unfavorable choose too high temperature curing coatings. 2. Various properties of plastic additives in coatings to improve the coating is of crucial importance. The role is an auxiliary film-forming additives. 3. Solvent used in coating in addition to the resin can be completely dissolved, also request solvent to dissolve or be coating swelling effect, or cool color, cracks may be produced after coating is dry, no rough surface gloss or wait for a phenomenon. Coating solvent selection for its solubility parameter is located in the edge of the plastic area of solubility parameter for degrees, of plastic products which are insoluble, swelling, and can make the agent slightly immersed in injection molding products processing surface, increase the robustness of coating.

plastic coating finishing method has a lot of kinds, surface finishing before generally go through pretreatment process, in order to improve the adhesion of paint film. The following will introduce several kinds of methods.
1。 Artificial spraying equipment consists of air compressor, oil-water separator and spray gun. Gasification principle is to use compressed air to coating, the spray gun onto the surface of injection molding processing products. Spraying work environment with temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity is 50% 60% advisable, pressure of the compressed air spraying is 0. 2 - 0. 3MPa。 2. Electrostatic spraying is in a negative spiral rod, the use of mechanical centrifugal force or compressed air, will reach the rod coating spray, become negatively charged paint grain, under the influence of electric field force, coating grain to take the punctual on the plastic parts of the formation of coating layer.

for electrostatic spraying coating is easy to be charged, atomization in electrostatic field is good, the lower viscosity, particle size is fine. In the process of concrete spraying, pay attention to the process conditions, voltage, distance between the spray gun and artifacts, spray gun, spray gun speed and distance between the aperture size, and so on. The higher the voltage, the higher the rate of painted, if use two spray gun, the distance between the spray gun to at least 1 m, if two guns is not a level, the spray gun range should be more bigger. The speed of the spray gun and its form related to the coating properties.

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