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Plastic powder coating modification

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic of electrostatic powder coating with the basic law of electrostatic spraying principle is the same, the main difference is that a coating for powder coating without solvent. Plastic injection tooling classic powder coating on the one hand, using of electrostatic high voltage generator as a source of electric field, using the airbrush produce point discharge, the discharge of the spray gun and formed by injection molding processing products between air ionization ion areas. In powder coating, on the other hand, for the powder mixes with air flow, under the compressed air to attract the spray gun atomization, ion area through the air, make the neutral powder particles shop is set to a large number of negatively charged electrons. Finally, under the effect of electrostatic force, the negatively charged powder particles adsorption with positively charged plastic parts, plastic parts formed on the powder for the coating, again after heating, plasticizing powder coating or curing to form a solid coating.

surface treatment generally with degrease, spray water and phosphating treatment, the first two is clean injection surface processing, whereas phosphating can form fine phosphating film, improve the quality of the coating after coating. Heating film is generally conducted in high temperature drying tunnel. For thermosetting coating, heat is the resin curing film, for the thermoplastic coatings, heat can make the resin into the membrane. Different varieties of paint, different heating temperature.

plastic surface mechanical modification main function is to improve the roughness on the surface of the plastic, the coarsening can improve the adhesion. Polishing and extinction of process basic same, just different operating medium, there are two kinds of polishing method, namely polishing wheel polishing roller polishing.

drum polishing abrasive and plastic processing products while adding the drum at the same time, the use of drum roll, using abrasive polishing or extinction of plastic processing of a kind of method, this method is mainly suitable for small plastic parts of processing machinery. Abrasive can be divided into two kinds of sand grinding and abrasive, abrasive grit can be natural grinding stone, artificial stone, metal, grinding medium, organic medium, and hard plastic, and so on. Grit blasting, sand blasting effect is to make the plastic surface coarsening, in order to improve adhesion with other materials.

were adhered on the surface of the polishing wheel and polishing of abrasive material or rotating wheel polishing paste. For polishing, polishing materials commonly used cotton flannelette or fine. Polishing paste for grease to join a small amount of extremely fine mineral filler. In the concrete polishing process, to avoid overheating, polishing wheel speed shoulds not be too big, usually in a 1000 - It is advisable to 1200 linear velocity. Polishing of thermoset injection molding processing, behind the wheel speed limit can be slightly larger, general linear velocity can reach 1500, with grease, 1200 - can be used The linear velocity of 1800.

plastic electrostatic powder spraying main advantages are:
1. Suitable for complex shape product, electrostatic powder coating not only can spray in positive, injection molded parts can also be sprayed in the back of the plastic parts, forming an unbroken effect. For plastic parts with concave and convex parts, can guarantee the uniform coating, won't appear the phenomenon of uneven. 2. No environmental pollution, because of solvent free and does not produce pollution to the environment. 3. Save raw materials, in the process of spraying, has not been adsorption of powder coating can be recycled, recycling utilization rate can reach more than 98%.

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