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Plastic processing technology

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Processing molding process has the injection molding cycle is short, can a molding complex shape, with metal or nonmetal insert, the mold of size precision, stable quality and high degree of automation, etc. Product size, thickness and accuracy related to raw material, molding equipment and mold. Small plastic injection products can for mg unit weight, and can achieve nearly hundred kilograms of large injection molded parts. With ultra-high pressure series injection machine and the development and application of super light injection machine, which can realize the thickness is only 0. 1 - 0. 2 mm, products dimensional precision of 0. 1 - 0. 6 um of the production of injection molded parts.

later along with the development of the plastics industry, not only gradually form a complete set of processing methods suited to the characteristics of the plastic itself, and in the technology achieves a fairly high level. Currently there are as many as dozens of mature methods of plastic molding, every processing methods have their characteristics. Understand the characteristics and adaptability of various molding methods, to determine the appropriate process, targeted for product design is very important.

the injection molding is the most should focus on product designers a molding method. Produced by the method of using injection molding plastic products accounted for about 20% of the total - for plastic wares production 30%, and about 80% is used in engineering plastics injection molding method in the production of products. Is the basic process of injection molding, powder or granular molding material within the cylinder in the injection molding equipment, under the action of heat and mechanical shear model into viscous flow pattern, then to melt with high pressure injection into the mold, relying on the cooling or heating solidification in the mould, and then open mold from the mold molding products.

external shape and internal structure, function and appearance requirements. Products accuracy and the thickness, size, material composition, the performance of the material, especially material processing performance; Tooling cost and tooling investment, these with which a method of forming were determined to consider. Same shape of the products may be obtained by various molding methods, products performance and processing costs will be a larger difference.

molding is also known as compression molding or pressure molding. The molding method is to a certain amount of powder, granular or fibrous and plastic moulding material into the molding temperature metal inside the mold, then a method of closed die extrusion forming products. Molding process is a very old molding method in plastic processing technology and development to the present, the molding technology has been more mature, and is a higher level of mechanization, automation, most of the products can be a one-time molding products size precision, stable quality and high quality finished product.

processing injection molding products after processing, in addition to some necessary to sort out modification, such as removing gate and flash, products of heat treatment pattern, etc. , the other is generally according to the requirements of the products used to determine, for example, mechanical processing, finishing, polishing, surface metallization, printing, bonding, welding, assembling, etc. Products after processing, are often referred to as the secondary processing. Products of the molding process is very important in plastic processing. Initial molding method originated in metallurgy, ceramics, rubber and other industrial manufacturing department, the process is very simple.

molding mould has simple structure, low manufacturing cost, less waste of materials, thickness change is big primary parts can be molded the advantages of large flat products, so in the thermosetting plastic and some are still widely used in the thermoplastic processing. This year, because of SMC and BMC by the rapid development of technology, therefore, in forming method of composite material, moulding and possess higher proportion.

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