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Plastic product design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Especially in the current environmental protection, resources and energy is becoming more and more attention to the environment, injection molding processing plastic building materials will play a more active role in the construction field. Construction project performance can be roughly divided into structural safety, fire safety, living, durability and economical respects. As a construction project on the use of plastic materials and the design of plastic building materials should meet a lot of functional requirements. Structure is the basic requirement of construction engineering safety, although plastic should not be used as bearing structure material, but as a structural material is used, should also be given enough attention in the aspect of structure safety.

the advantage of rectangular barrel is storage and transportation of space utilization is higher, good storage stability, defect is a common blow molding process molding barrels of the corner of wall is thin, and flat wall center wall thicker, compression at the same time, ballooning occur more easily. Size design according to the capacity of the container, the general should pay attention to coordinate the relationship between modelling the proportion of each part, the proportion of moderate relationship in accordance with people's aesthetic orientation.

after steel, cement, wood plastic building materials of a new generation of important building material, has penetrated into all aspects of the growing field of construction engineering. Although compared with inorganic materials such as steel and cement, plastic of high load, high temperature and flame resistance ability is weak, simply used as structural materials and refractory materials is not allowed, but the plastic can be used as the structural material used in great quantities, and in living, decorative, workability and efficiency expressed in such aspects as other traditional materials with features not, this is long long plastic building materials through 50 years, the booming important original.

drum capacity is generally larger, consider stacking performance, so the strength design cannot ignore, wall thickness, reinforcement, and the rounded design are the main points. As the design of the pressure at the bottom of the bottle, under high inner pressure plastic, the bottom of the barrel should be concave design, make capacity has high impact resistance strength. In addition, large-diameter thin wall barrel, in order to increase the rigidity will often mouth edge circle edge structure.

for corrosive liquid leakage is a serious problem. Built in the leakage of content related to material, are also associated with sealing design. Dimensional stability, fastening torque decline, search expansion, creep factor, etc. , are important influential factors of liquid leakage. Thread of the cross section shape and the design of the lid must ensure that the sealing and fastening, the diameter of the opening of the appropriate small shoulds not be big. Plastic industry barrels with good resistance to corrosion, high strength, turns and much higher than the tietong, therefore design should pay attention to leave no dead Angle, no residual night, corner radius should be in more than 2 mm.

the modern city garbage collection is also widely used to brush a VAT, capacity has the different specifications such as 240 l, 600 l, the big plastic injection tooling can also be processed by roll forming. The appearance of plastic design to consider the principle of safe, practical, beautiful, export products should take into account the international universal. Barrel shape generally has two kinds of cylindrical and rectangular, cylindrical barrel wall thickness is uniform and the ability to absorb the impact energy is higher, but the storage and transportation space utilization is low, at just 75%.

the design of the nozzle should be dumped, liquid flowing out. A pesticide packaging barrels, can use on the tank and meter pumps for users to take medicine, liquid out don't need to clean, can be directly sent to the station to pesticide filling, such not only security, reduce the pollution to the environment, and also reduces the cost. For the purpose of dumping in the bucket handle can design has the air inlet area, dumping air along with the constantly poured out of the liquid into the bucket soon. In a thin barrel body design is transparent stripe, can facilitate within observation capacity.

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