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Plastic products warping deformation

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic after crosslinking process, main can improve the creep resistance. Injection molding products processing warp of the reason is that the melt flow direction on shrinkage rate is bigger than vertical shrinkage rate, forming a larger difference of shrinkage. The greater the difference between the two, the product the greater the tendency to warp. Crystallization of plastic shrinkage rate on the flow direction and vertical direction is the difference between the non-crystalline plastic is big, so its buckling deformation tendency is an amorphous plastics.

in the plastic mold design, the main factors influencing the plastic buckling deformation have gating system, cooling system and ejection system. The design of gating system key gate location, form and plastic, its design key make plastic shrinkage as consistent as possible in all parts of the processing. The cooling system design of the key a uniform cooling rate, thus ensuring uniform shrinkage everywhere. Design of ejection system key efforts to balance.

when injection molding products processing design, but also pay attention to the points: 1. Plastic wall thickness shoulds not be too big, to increase the intensity of available stiffeners. 2. Must be uneven thickness, thickness change with circular arc transition. 3. The design of the stiffener to uniform distribution, but also along the flow direction. Add needle packing, flake filler and fiber can prevent buckling deformation of plastic products.

plastic has the advantages of qualitative light, easy to machining, corrosion resistance, but its cost is higher, than the traditional materials, such as wood, glass and so on to the higher number of materials, which limits its applications in some aspects. Nature in plastic products in China, it also has distinction.

in the selection process, if consider from the price. As far as possible choose general classes of plastic, the price of this kind of plastic is lower. If some characteristics of the generic class plastic can meet the requirements, can be made the appropriate modification, although the cost has increased, while performance can be achieved.

the most commonly used method to reduce costs to use cheap mineral filler, industrial slag, such as agricultural waste straw populated, using waste plastic blending is an effective method to reduce costs, in addition, to low foamed plastics modification, can reduce the material consumption of per unit volume, thus reducing the cost.

the influence of the injection molding process conditions on the buckling deformation:
1. Injection pressure is too high, can produce a larger residual stress, easy cause deformation. 2. The holding pressure is too great, the holding time is too long, injection molding processing parts will produce larger internal stress, deformation and serious. 3. The injection temperature is too low, easy to cause deformation.

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