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Plastic radiation crosslinking modification

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic radiation crosslinking generally do not need to join the crosslinking agent and other additives, but in order to prevent the interpretation of the reaction, increase the proportion of the crosslinking reaction, sometimes need to join the sensitization agent, also sometimes in order to promote crosslinking reaction speed and join the sensitizer. Sensitizing agent can increase the proportion of the crosslinking reaction, crosslinking reaction G value, prevent the degradation reaction, so that the radiation crosslinking of deformation of the chain reaction chain reaction.

the radiation crosslinking refers to the plastic under the effect of high radiation energy, the interesting pressure change of the molecular structure of polymer macromolecule chain, produce free radicals, and thus the process of forming chemical bond between the macromolecular chain. Compared with chemical crosslinking, radiation crosslinking without crosslinking agent, and can be conducted at room temperature, thus can be crosslinked in after molding, products, and can maintain deformation of injection molding products processing, and crosslinking silicone ldpe-g-nvp was due to the need to heat up, is easy to cause deformation of products.

sensitizer itself does not take part in the reaction, or to participate in the reaction but does not become a part of the crosslinking network. Sensitizer to accelerate the effect of radiation crosslinking reaction, its action principle for power transmission, effective use of radiant energy to the largest extent, thereby reducing radiation dose, achieve the goal of energy saving.

factors affecting plastic radiation crosslinking
radiation crosslinking degree is not affected by temperature, molecular structure, such as radiation type and molecular weight, but affected by the following factors:
radiation dose. Radiation dose is proportional to the crosslinking degree, but the purpose of crosslinking is modified, and some properties such as tensile strength, impact strength and hardness, such as performance, is not with the increase of crosslinking degree and increases indefinitely, but within the scope of a radiation dose exist an optimal value, so the actual applications, the radiation dose to moderate.

crosslinking time, began to grow along with the crosslinking time, crosslinking degree of rapid growth, after reaching a certain time, slow growth to no growth.

additive, sensitization agent can prevent the degradation reaction, increase the crosslinking reaction, thus increase the G score and gel rate. Crosslinking structure aren't alterative sensitizer, but can accelerate the crosslinking.

can be seen from the radiation crosslinking reaction mechanism, under the action of radiant energy, injection molding processing of polymer macromolecule chain can crosslinking reaction, also can produce molecular chain of degradation reaction. Some polymers under the effect of radiant energy, is given priority to with degradation, and some polymer is given priority to with crosslinking. What's going on crosslinking or degradation mainly depends on the structure of the polymer. Gel rate determination of France is: crosslinking products filtering in the appropriate solvent such as xylene, its insolubles by dry weigh can calculate the rate of gel.

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