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Plastic what kind of injection molding processing enterprises need talent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
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some ideas in place of the injection molding processing enterprises managers and injection workers began to realize & other; To do good, must first sharpen his & throughout; The truth, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of the injection molding machine and peripheral equipment maintenance work, began to seriously to do a good job of preventive maintenance/injection molding machine and peripheral equipment; Therefore, professional injection molding machine maintenance is one of the injection molding enterprise future needs of personnel, and sparse.

more and more injection enterprises begin to pay attention to mold maintenance work, successively set up the injection mold maintenance workshop, need a lot of, professional mold maintenance personnel. Professional injection mold maintenance personnel, therefore, will become the latest must-haves in the injection molding industry, it is difficult to recruit to get on the market accords with the job requirements of professional talents.

as the injection tooling injection transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the progress and development of the industry, injection molding processing has gone into the era of automation/unmanned, some traditional jobs will be phased out or disappeared, the future injection enterprises urgently need what kind of professional and technical personnel?

1, know the material, machine, mould, injection mould design engineer of technology knowledge, because the quality of injection mold is the key to mould the designer's design concept, how to design a meet the injection mold of automated, unmanned production, to ensure that the injection production reached & other; High quality, high efficiency, low consumption & throughout; , is each mold designers must consider the factors. Traditional experience design mould & other alone; Engineers throughout the &; More and more from the industry recognized, because mould third-rate & ndash; — “ Heat flow, material flow, air flow throughout the &; Good or bad determines the molding quality.

injection mold good quality features are: the stripper well, into a uniform, exhaust effect is good, die temperature, rubber into balance, expansion mould force balance, small flow resistance, wide range of injection molding process, stable quality, mold injection molding process, durable. Each injection enterprises are in urgent need of a lot of material, machine, mold, injection mold design of technology knowledge engineers, their wages higher than ordinary mould design engineer for several times.

2, understand the scientific test method of the test engineer, to be able to in the process of test science and verify the quality of mold design, quickly find out the structural problems of mould, puts forward effective improvement scheme, give good mould quality, and to formulate a standard injection molding process. “ Knife and cutting wood work & throughout; , changing attitudes of some injection molding companies, are required for scientific test;

is the basis of automated processing injection molding mould without any problems, in order to ensure the smooth and the mold after the production of injection molding stability, is the key to good science test mode, the mold off; At present, the knowledge of science test test engineer is very scarce, will be molding the beacon of the enterprise, is very popular. Therefore, with a lot of injection molding professional technical knowledge test engineer is more and more popular with the enterprise, its salary is very attractive.

3, has a professional mold maintenance skill of injection mould maintenance and technical personnel, also is very short. Because mould maintenance was good or bad will directly affect the injection can produce normal/well, reduce the die failure, to ensure the sustainability of molding production is the prerequisite for automation and unmanned production.

4, understand the injection molding machine and peripheral equipment maintenance/maintenance technology of injection molding machine maintenance personnel, is also very popular. “ Maintenance is better than repair & throughout; Automated production can go smoothly, repeatability and reproducibility of injection molding process depends on the stability of the injection molding machine and peripheral equipment. If equipment wear and tear, failure is frequent, is difficult to ensure smooth and stable molding production, also is unable to realize the real meaning of automation/unmanned production.

as the change of concept of injection molding processing industry and the realization of the automatic production, prevent problems happen, work & other; Grasp the source & throughout; , change the past & other; With work experience, follow behind the problem runs throughout the &; Backward mode of injection, the future is difficult to find a job position: molding department manager/supervisor, molding technician, injection group leader/foreman, injection molding machine maintenance personnel maintenance personnel and experience of mold, injection mold design engineer, etc. , these jobs will be gradually reduced or eliminated, it pay more and more low, injection molding industry will soon celebrate & other; Robot age & throughout; !

to realize the automatic injection molding/unmanned production mode of core technology, is how to ensure & other; Material, machine, mold, process & throughout; Stability, every injection technical personnel engaged in the work of this aspect is the injection enterprises most needed talents, & other; Scarcity value & throughout; , the salary must be high; Hope the injection workers should have the foresight future career, prepare ahead of time, do a good job in career development plans, keep learning and improve themselves, to accumulate the professional knowledge, cultivate this ability, adapt to the needs of the development of plastic industry in the future!

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