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Plastic with other aging proof agents

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Against aging additives for this kind of light, oxygen, two kinds of modified additives aging, mainly such as metal ions and microorganisms and biological aging proof agent, commonly used in cable, mineral filling and buried in the injection molding products processing. The effect of metal ions, passivation agent to prevent resin residue and add fertilizer with metal ions in the catalytic degradation.

can be used in anti-aging and longevity of modified additives have tens of thousands of kinds, each have their own advantages and disadvantages of different variety, have synergy or antagonism between different varieties. Therefore, how to correctly select anti-aging agent is a very complicated work. Phenolic antioxidants for polluting the injection molding processing products. Itself color close to white, ruling or low toxicity, make that is commonly used in plastics antioxidants. Amine antioxidants, antioxidant effect better than phenolic antioxidants, but because of its color is deeper, and easily contaminated products, therefore, should not be used for white, light and colour and lustre is bright plastic products, can only be used for some fear of pollution in dark injection molding products processing.

the phosphate ester and the main antioxidant synergy effect is good, besides has the oxygen resistance, but also improve the heat resistance, colour and lustre and weatherability. Disadvantage is poor water resistance, generally should choose water resistance phosphite. Containing sulphur and plant-based scope inferior eye phosphate ester widely used, because it when combined with some additives to produce sulfur pollution, namely in sulphur black, in addition to sulfur pollution, and sometimes role of confrontation. Synergy of main and auxiliary antioxidants auxiliary antioxidant only joined with the main antioxidant, have antioxidant effect, no effect separately. Auxiliary antioxidants can improve the antioxidant effect of the primary antioxidants, including phosphite class synergy effect is good, and synergy containing sulfide tend to receive. Auxiliary antioxidant and the main antioxidant coordination use, can reduce the addition amount of the primary antioxidants.

the main antioxidant varieties and synergy, is better than using a single main antioxidant effect. Light screening agent biggest drawback is to make the products color, and transparency. Salicylic acid kind of uv absorbent to absorb ultraviolet light effect is poor, and easy to make yellow products. But because it has good compatibility with resin, and the cost is low, so sometimes. Diphenyl ketone type ultraviolet absorbent to absorb ultraviolet light effect is good, it has good compatibility with resin, low cost, using a wide class of ultraviolet absorbent.

in addition to different antioxidant and light stabilizer and there are synergies between, between antioxidant and light stabilizer have synergy. Antioxidant especially amine antioxidants and carbon black and have a combat role. The reason is a catalytic oxidation of carbon black in polymer. Different structure of polymer light, oxygen and other sensitive degree of different environmental conditions, thus not only selected inhibitor variety, but also different addition amount. For containing unsaturated bond and resin containing branched chain, the light and oxygen aging degree is high, it should add anti-aging effect good antioxidant and light stabilizer, and also want to make big amount.

for thin wall products, diffusion problem is not important, should choose high molecular weight anti-aging agent. For dark injection molding products processing, because itself has certain ability to resist ultraviolet ray, the amount of light stabilizer can be reduced correspondingly.

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