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Plunger push molding process

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing technology conditions of control mainly sintering time, sintering temperature and pressure, these parameters control appropriate or not, is directly related to product quality and the size of the extrusion amount within, and product appearance quality in addition to related to add fertilizer, also related to UHMWPE resin particle size and shape cooling temperature. Sintering time for 30 - commonly 40 min, according to the wall thickness of pipe to determine specific, determine the corresponding push speed. Push for 10 - pressure 15MPa。

the material under the action of electromagnetic vibrator feeder and uniform flow into the cylinder in the feeding section, can't stop. Push plug end there can be no edge and burr, and parallel to mold the end, to prevent deflection abrasion mould under pressure. Vertical plunger press molding press for: plunger, mandrel downward movement - at the same time Core pulling - Plunger rise. When sintering of elastomer materials for powder and solid, the temperature is too high will make local adhesion material, appear after adhesion, products form a trench and uneven phenomenon, bent pipe tilt, push hard, its temperature should be according to formula.

a composite configuration by different mechanism of two kinds of additives and processing flow modifier, the modifier has no corrosive, high temperature is not easy to decompose, don't change color, small influence on the performance of UHMWPE materials, ensure the quality of the pipe. Due to the melt characteristics of UHMWPE is very special, so products of plunger push molding process conditions is very strict and demanding. Only determine the relative molecular mass and UHMWPE resin that meet the needs of process conditions, products to meet the physical and mechanical performance index of the expected value, to meet user requirements.

after sintering material into the qualitative temperature will gradually drop, cannot appear temperature change, its temperature is not lower than 130 ℃, too low will make material shrinkage and advance to the mandrel difficulties, finalize the design temperature is too high will make the material adhesion to the mold, can cause difficulties. The other high temperature pipe uneven, deformation, etc. From the finalize the design period of division of the pipe, temperature is higher, it is easy to cause deformation. Cooling jacket for cooling to finalize the end, when low speed, also can use air cooling, such as electric fans, etc.

ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin measurement after put in high speed mixer, by mixing friction heat to evaporate resin in the water, stirring time is 15 20 min, material temperature should not exceed 120 ℃. After going to water the UHMWPE to join all kinds of processing aid and necessary filling agent, mixed and make fertilizer dispersed evenly in the UHMWPE resin, mixed time of 5 - 6 min, release injection molding processing material temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.

according to the required length, with a disk saw cutting. Adopt plunger push machine production of plastic pipe material, to solve the main problem is the material adhesion on the mould forming temperatures cause the difficulty of the push, in addition to solve material at high temperature oxidation degradation, cause product surface is rough with irregular flow lines and yellow, not stable production. The relative molecular mass of push molding in 2. 5 million - More than 3 million UHMWPE resin, in order to make the UHMWPE melt with appropriate liquidity, both to reduce the affinity between macromolecules, reducing internal friction, and on the surface of the melt and barrel, isolation layer formed between the mold surface, reduce the resistance and prevent adhesion. Must be used which has the function of internal and external lubrication processing flow modifier.

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