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Polyester thermoplastic elastomer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Composite material is with the high development of modern science and technology and the emerging of the strong vitality of a new type of material. Composite materials composed of two or more different nature of the injection molding processing material, through various means. Between different components of composite material is a clear interface, its structure is usually a phase as the continuous phase, known as the substrate, and the other phase distribution and the continuous phase in independent form, referred to as the dispersed phase.

TPEE good heat resistance, high heat resistance temperature over a long period of time can be up to 150 ℃. Poly (butyl glycol terephthalate for elastomer hardness and content of 75%, at 150 ℃ under the mechanical performance is better than almost all of the vulcanized rubber. Such as using aromatic polyester as hard segment of high melting point, the mechanical properties under high temperature can improve further. Therefore, high temperature creep resistance prominent in TPE. TPEE compression performance is also very good.

TPAE limit the use of temperature is related to the types of polyamide, the highest can reach 200 ℃. In addition, the TPAE also has the advantages of high modulus, large bearing capacity, therefore, under the condition of constant load, its permanent compression deformation is small. Polyamide is a thermoplastic elastomer for performance range is wide, so wide applicable, using its use temperature scope width, and the characteristics of high resistance to impact for hiking shoes. Through a variety of filling, such as enhanced composite material made of modified, can also be used, such as computers, OA machine parts.

TPEE most polar liquid, such as acid, alkali, and glycol amine compounds, of fuel, oil has good tolerance. Similar with TPU, TPEE also has a good blood and tissue compatibility. In addition, the TPEE also has excellent electric properties. Polyester thermoplastic elastomer excellent comprehensive performance, suitable for a variety of different purposes. Due to the electrical performance is good, can be used in switches, connectors, shield panel. In addition, because of the excellent outdoor use performance, also used in some stationary.

polyamide is a thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer, also known as nylon TPAE for short, is a new type of TPE. It is composed of alternating soft words hard block block copolymer. Its hard segment is polyamide, soft segment for polyester and polyether. TPAE is characterized by its largest selection of hard segment, there are many kinds of polyamide, such as nylon 6 - Nylon 66, nylon 11, nylon 12, and aromatic polyamide.

TPEE, is the feature of excellent tensile strength and tear strength, higher bending life and wear resistance, he permanent compression deformation is small, its capacity is close to a vulcanized elastomer. In the 7% - 25% of the strain range, its elasticity is 3 - engineering plastics 10 times, the bending strength is 6 - natural rubber 12 times, modulus is higher than the same hardness of TPU injection molding processing. TPEE has high notched impact strength, due to the embrittlement temperature below - 70 ℃, make relatively soft elastomer in - Hit 40 ℃ low temperature without being broken.

due to form different types of hard segment and soft segment of the type of polyether or polyester with different proportion of hard and soft segment, make TPAE is quite wide performance range, for example, hardness can be in a - 65 75 d range change. TPAE is the main characteristic, bibulous rate is low, good low temperature toughness, high elasticity, good oil resistance and resistance. TPAE excellent abrasion resistance, compared with other same hardness TPE, PV limit value is higher.

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