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Polyethylene terephthalate

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PET/PBT alloy forming low shrinkage, good dimensional stability, mainly used for electrical materials. PET/PPS has excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength, can be used in automobile hood, injection molding processing parts. PET blow molding products, widely used in various food packaging bottle, cosmetics, etc. The two-way tensile technique, can improve the strength of the bottle, transparency, and air tightness. In addition by sheet thermoforming packaging container is also important packaging materials.

enhance PET mechanical performance is excellent, 45% glass fiber reinforced PET, can achieve 190 mpa tensile strength, bending modulus of 14500 mpa, creep resistance is very outstanding, and has a good wear resistance and fatigue resistance. Good thermal aging, heat resistant grades of PET thermal deformation temperature can reach 240 ℃, 155 ℃ temperature index. PET performance is excellent, also very stable under high temperature and high humidity. Weak acid resistance, good chemical stability of organic solvent and oil, PET also has excellent weather resistance.

some reformed the enhancement of the level can achieve A level surface, used to make the car fender and body outer wall plate. High glass fiber content of the finished good heat resistance, can replace the PPS, glass fiber content is less, liquidity is good, can be used for thin wall parts. With carbon fiber reinforced, can improve the wear resistance, adding metal fibre, to the preparation of conductive grade PET. For the selection of PET alloy more leeway.

hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid can make different degrees of damage to the PET, alkali hydrolysis can trigger, ammonia action is more intense, for steam, hot water is more sensitive to high temperature under the condition of long-term contact with water, mechanical performance will be a sharp drop in. Products designed to avoid stress concentration, because the gap will lead to impact performance becomes poor. In order to improve the impact toughness of PET, use more dialogue with PBT, PC, PA, elastomer, modification of polyolefin, ABS and other methods to improve the impact strength of polymer blends.

PET and PPS, PSF, LCP alloy preparation, can provide excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance. Made from naphthalene terephthalic acid monomer in developing alternative PET of polyethylene naphthalate formic acid glycol ester, referred to as 'PEN, have higher than PET barrier property, heat resistance and mechanical strength, and has a good chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, its main market is packaging container. Because the price is higher, at present mainly were mixed with certain proportion into the PET resin, to improvement of PET, thus improve the hot filling temperature and barrier property of PET bottles.

intrinsic viscosity size of PET, reflect the size of the injection molding processing products molecular weight, most is to enhance the PET used as engineering plastic PET, reinforced material is used in the glass fiber, carbon fiber, talc, mica, etc. , and give priority to with glass fiber. PET is minimal linear macromolecule branched degree, because of the monomer with high molecular symmetry, so the structure of the macromolecular is very neat, and ester base orientation force, directional crystallization, as long as the molecular chain can form strong bonding force between the molecules, so as to obtain excellent comprehensive performance is very high quality material.

PET p-hydroxy benzoic acid preparation of copolycondensation thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester is a kind of high strength, high modulus, high performance materials. PET comprehensive performance because of PBT, and the cost is low, so the fast development and application range widening. Enhance the PET is widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, automobile industry and machinery parts. As used in the manufacture of gear, CAM, spool. Electrical purposes to enhance PET for flame retardancy.

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