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Polymer melt in twin screw extruder

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the process of blending, often accompanied by grafting reaction or crosslinking reaction at the same time, this kind of reaction performance produce very big effect to the blend. Melt blending temperature and the degree of grafting and crosslinking reaction have close relations, in the processing of plastic injection products design and control of grafting and crosslinking degree, must consider the material stay in screw district of reaction temperature and time, the process conditions of design also should be adapted and mixing process.

polymer melting speed and screw combination has a lot to do, and with the heating temperature and material formulations, material particle size. Generally speaking, the threads of the screw conveyor to melting section geometric transformation is gradient type, this kind of gradient structure can not only guarantee the material conveying, and make the material is compressed, friction gradually over into the screw surface heat degree increasing, the deformation is also increasing, and even completely molten state. Screw combination is different, the speed of this change.

the screw structure and components has a great influence on the geometric size of polymer melt velocity, generally in the feeding section of the progressive compression type screw-thread sets and transportation, is advantageous to the molten material. Lubrication system formula design, inside and outside the regulation of lubricant should be below the melting point of polymer. Has completely before polymer has not been fully molten melt, the melt adhesive in the polymer particle surface rapidly pass outside heating to the polymer particles, accelerate the melting of polymer, and improve the liquidity of system.

the heating temperature is the external conditions of logistics melt. Therefore, screw district heating temperature Settings and adjust not only affects the melting of the material, the components of the mixed degree of influence is greater. In general, raise the temperature promotes the melting and mixing of materials, but the temperature is too high, will cause some fertilizer decomposition, at the same time, when the material into a fluid state by the shear effect of screw can be smaller, mixing effect thereby.

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