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Polymer-nanoparticle composites

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Widely used on the market of wood plastic composites of thermoplastic injection molding processing as the main base material, can use the new material, also have use of the waste plastics recycling or is a mixture of both. Suitable for mixed with thermoplastic resin wood fiber, can be divided into two categories, primary resources and recycling resources. Before processing through development, refining, drying and chemical processing, filling amount is generally 50% 60%, the highest can reach 80%.

in inorganic nano-scale particle, single chip, or layered configuration is dispersed in polymer matrix, the composite materials have the effect of enhanced toughening effect and other aspects. To representative PA/clay mixed system as an example, the clay dispersion in the form of single layer, each layer thickness of about 1 nm and 100 nm, when the clay content of 4. 2%, the tensile strength is 50% higher than the pure PA6, high modulus of 1 times, high heat deformation temperature of 90 ℃, and increased transparency.

styrene, methyl methacrylate (mma), or the thermosetting resins such as unsaturated resin, epoxy resin, in under the action of external energy, dipping components in wood space polymerization curing, become a kind of polymer modified wood. The polymer modified wood, keep the original wood texture and color, hardness, compression strength and wear resistance have been greatly improved. But this kind of craft production cost is too high, and want to wear a lot of lumber, so development is restricted.

polystyrene as a kind of brittle material, with diameter less than 0. 5 um alumina to volume fraction of 15% increase, toughening PS, composite materials tensile strength, impact strength, respectively is four times that of pure PS and 3 times. Nanocomposite has wide application prospect, at present has been put into commercial application of polymer/inorganic hybrid nano material, for example, nylon/clay mixed material has been Japan's Toyota motor corp. , used in the manufacture of auto engine parts.

plant fiber is abundant natural polymer material nature. As a polymer reinforced material and filled with plant fiber is rich in plant fibers such as hemp fiber, rice husk. These varieties rich plant fiber sources, low price, with polymer matrix composite materials processing of finished product with low density, high intensity, and can be biodegradable, and thus received extensive attention of the industry.

polymer injection tooling/polymer nanocomposite materials of outstanding representative, is a polymer/thermal liquid crystal polymer (in situ composites. The material has high strength, high mould, high impact strength, such as the excellent performance. For example, in adding 10% of polyimide hot type liquid crystal polymer, elastic modulus by 1. 7 gpa up to 6. 9 gpa, tensile strength from 125 mpa to 470 mpa. Polymer/inorganic nanocomposites, including polymer/metal composite materials, polymer/carbonate nano composite materials, polymer/oxide nanocomposites and polymer/silicate nanocomposite several types, such as orange.

with plant fiber reinforced and filled polymer composite materials has become the meteoric rise of a new type of material, expect the next 5 years, will implement the double-digit growth rates. Wood fiber holds a large proportion in the plant fiber, in the research and application of plant fiber composites, also with wood fiber filled most of the wood plastic composite materials research and application of. Wood plastic composite wood impregnated curing early as the main production process, also it is using wood has the characteristics of porous wood impregnated in the polymerization of monomers.

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