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Polyolefin elastomer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Different vulcanization system, performance is also different, the vulcanization system of sulphur system, commonly used organic peroxide system and phenolic resin system. With vulcanization system of dynamic vulcanized EPDM/PP is completed in the mixing equipment, mixing equipment, mixer, mixing mill, and is often used to extruder, etc. Mixing in the process of EPDM and vulcanization system under the action of a certain temperature and time, produce dynamic vulcanization reaction vulcanized rubber, and the mechanical shearing action is dispersed into tiny particles, evenly dispersed in the injection molding processing factory PP components to form crosslinked EPDM/PP blend thermoplastic elastomer.

although developed in recent years and transparent PP copolymer PP makes it has greatly improved the toughness, transparency, forming process, but in the hollow products application field is still not as good as HDPE has been developing rapidly. PP was used in the textile fiber and silk, commonly known as polypropylene, products are cloth, stalls, lawn, filter cloth, etc. , especially made of PP fiber non-woven application in disposable hygiene products and medical clothing got rapid development.

EPDM/PP blend thermoplastic elastomer was due to the rubber phase crosslinking, on the phase behavior in crosslinking of tiny particles dispersed in PP matrix, thus has the EPDM elastic properties and processing properties of thermoplastic PP. Elastomer dispersion size in matrix and its performance is closely related to the degree of crosslinking, generally the dispersed phase dimension decreases, and the tensile strength increased; Crosslinking degree increased, the tensile strength increased, the permanent deformation is reduced.

thermoelastic elastomer is at room temperature shows that the rubber elasticity, high temperature and plasticizing molding of polymer materials, it can be used thermoplastic processing equipment and processing methods of efficient and economical produce similar to the performance of rubber products. Compared with rubber, TPE is not only forming cycle is shorten, and marginal waste, recyclable, the resource is saved, and is conducive to environmental protection. TPE main varieties of polyolefins, styrene and polyurethane etc.

polyolefin elastomers according to different preparation methods mainly include two categories: blend thermoplastic polyolefin elastomers and copolymer thermoplastic polyolefin elastomers. TPO is by PO rubber as the soft segments and PO resin as hard segment by made by mixing blend, is one of the most industrialized production and application of EPDM/PP blend system. The performance of the blend and the content of EPDM, crystalline, etc.

hollow molding products main demand impact resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking, appropriate chooses MFR smaller PP resin. For blow molding, air tightness and rigid in PP as PVC, molding processability and impact strength than PE, and thus develop slowly. With the application of stretch blow molding process, transparency and impact strength of PP hollow products are greatly improved, with stretching technology of thin wall has been used in detergent bottle, cosmetic, beverage packaging, etc.

mechanical blending EPDM/PP blend thermoplastic elastomer ozone aging resistance, water resistance and strong polar solvent, but the hydrocarbon solvent resistant ability is poor, temperature less than 70 - 80 ℃, belong to the poor performance, low price of a kind of thermoplastic elastomer, mainly used for electrical insulating injection molding processing products and auto parts in general. Because the crosslinked EPDM/PP some deficiencies in the performance, in the late 1970 s the United States take the lead in development dynamic crosslinked EPDM/PP blend thermoplastic elastomer.

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