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Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
TPVC heat and ordinary soft PVC at 170 ℃ temperature after 1 h treatment, length of stay rate is only 30%, and high TPVC can amount to 90%, and higher tear, impact resilience and good fatigue resistance, compression permanent deformation is small, usually soft PVC injection tooling for 60% 70%, while the TPVC at 35% 60%. In addition, the TPVC in oil resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance and skid resistance, extinction, etc. , than common PVC have greater improvement and improve.

TPO kind of thermoplastic elastomer, is the mechanical blend polyolefins and elastomers, rubber component content of 20% 30%. Its simple process, low production cost, can be used as a substitute of rubber in general. TPV thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin and rubber during melt blending vulcanization of rubber, namely the thermoplastic elastomer was prepared by dynamic vulcanization technology, the rubber component content as high as 60% 70%, compared with TPO performance have greatly improved, such as modulus, tensile strength, fatigue resistance and permanent deformation and solvent resistance, etc.

the molecular weight of PVC, gel composition and content, and the change of the amount of plasticizer, have a direct impact on the performance of TPVC. With high polymerization degree PVC as the matrix of polymer, plasticizer, or combined with rubber. Composed of crosslinking agent and vinyl chloride copolymerization chemical crosslinking of PVC, coupled with plasticizer. PVC or PVC containing gel and gel composition of blend of rubber, coupled with plasticizer.

thermoplastic elastomer POE class, is the use of metallocene catalyst in recent years by direct polymerization to produce new type thermoplastic elastomer, such as the characteristics of the elastomer is low transparency and tender and soft, and good processability. The performance of the department of polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer properties, and selection of components, such as molecular weight, density, structure of the elastomer rubber and plastic, and preparation methods.

TPV elastomer are also related to the degree of cure, its performance range is wide. Many properties of polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer structure has a close relationship with the polyolefin, such as aging resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation and low temperature resistance. By dynamic vulcanization process of PP/EPDM blend with similar type polyurethane and polyester thermoplastic elastomer many excellent performance and popularity.

department of polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer is applied more widely, the usage of the second kind of elastomer. Its hard segment is polyethylene or polypropylene, but with polypropylene for many, soft segment for EPDM or other rubber type, such as ethylene propylene rubber, Ding Bing rubber, natural rubber. In addition, also can use EVA, EEA elastomer injection tooling as soft segment. Many manufacturers provide already cooperate with good quality can meet the requirements of a variety of features, apply for the user to choose. Of course, the user can also according to your own requirements, design components to cooperate to use.

polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer is the largest application field in the automotive industry, such as making the outside of the car body parts, bumper, fender derivatives, all kinds of gaskets and various kinds of interior decoration. Other USES include electrical components of moulded products, home appliances, toys, problem items. Video exposure level elastomer is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials and food processing equipment. PVC is a thermoplastic elastomer referred to as 'TPVC, in terms of structure, it is made up of plasticized PVC and the chemical crosslinked gel of two parts.

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