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Polypropylene industry present situation and development

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The second largest consumption of polypropylene injection molding processing products, mainly used in rigid package, polypropylene will replace the traditional materials. Film is the third consumption of pp, BOPP, since it has moisture-proof, high mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, qualitative light, non-toxic, good performance and is widely used in printing, coating, printing, cigarettes and food packaging bags, vacuum aluminum plating, condenser, etc.

our polypropylene industrial production began in 1971, in addition to some larger polypropylene unit somewhat lower production costs, the rest of the medium-sized polypropylene device due to large unit capacity investment, higher production costs. By using domestic technology intermittent ontology polypropylene device due to low investment, raw material from propylene refinery by-product, low prices, so there are a certain competitive power, but as a result of a single product variety, production only homopolymer, poor quality, high consumption, and production are powder, is limited by certain applications.

with rapid growth of our economy, into the next century we expect the application of polypropylene structure applied to developed countries close structure, namely injection grade polypropylene will have obvious growth, fiber grade pp, BOPP, household appliances, automobile and other special material demand will have larger growth, woven bag application will be declined.

due to various reasons, such as strict production control, product difficult to market development, technology development lags behind, so most of the enterprise production is common material and fair, and the shortage of market special washing machine, BOPP film material, automobile special materials such as almost all rely on imports.

we produce polypropylene injection molding processing mainly for homopolymer, can only be used in the production of daily necessities and other products of performance requirements is not high. Some parts after modification of products used in the production of household appliances, but block copolymer of shock resistance is poor, special barrels of special resin, such as washing machines in the liquidity and shock resistance, etc, can not meet the requirements, so the polypropylene swoop in abroad. And as BOPP material, film forming and melt strength is bad, can only be used in the production of ordinary light membrane and part of pearly membrane, can be used in the production of electrical and smoke membranes. Used in wide, high-speed BOSS production line of raw materials are imported.

woven bag products will still be the first big areas of polypropylene consumption, its main users are food packaging, fertilizers, cement, followed by sugar, salt, vegetables and other industrial packaging. Woven products in future will develop to large, ChongXingHua bags on one hand, is to develop in the direction of jumbo bag, on the other hand to low gram weight and low degree of fiber packaging development. All kinds of functional woven bags, such as high temperature resistant, antistatic, ageing resistance and other woven bag demand will also have certain development.

the domestic production of polypropylene fibre material can not meet the requirement of the high-grade non-woven and sports clothing materials, mainly is the ash content and poor spinnability. Our demand of polypropylene in recent years, with double-digit growth, rate hovering at around 60%. Our polypropylene application level is low, most are used as a resist flat wire, low technical content of polypropylene products, brand homopolymer produced, resisting impact copolymer, BOSS, high-speed spinning and copolymerization injection molding processing, such as special brand.

polypropylene is polypropylene has a great potential for development of varieties, except for taking fiber industrial polypropylene is an active market. As to the attention of the engineering quality, polypropylene non-woven fabric in roads, the application of reservoir, the dam construction will increase rapidly. We need to further speed up the development of our petrochemical industry, or a large number of imports of petrochemical products would be inevitable.

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