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Polystyrene foamed plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PP foam sheet due to the quality of a material soft, does not damage the surface of packaged goods, also used for computer, electrical, camera, injection molding processing precision parts, and other perishable goods close-fitting packaging. Polypropylene foam in the automotive industry in recent years as a buffer energy absorption and application of deadending for increasing. The crosslinking obturator structure of PP foam, ability to absorb the impact load, the deformation occurred after the recovery rate is high, can be used for car bumper core material, suction side guard plate, gate section helps protect cushion, cushion, and the headrest, seat, such as the dashboard with inner core material. The thickness of 2 - The basis of 6 mm foam board can be processed into car inner decoration.

used in construction, main products are plate. Thermal conductivity of EPS is 0. 044 w, higher than the polyurethane foam, but because the price is relatively cheap, so is widely used for building heat insulation and sound insulation materials. Another kind of polystyrene foam plastic production method is direct extrusion process. This process in the production of plate, sheet on a big advantage. PS production is low foaming products, foaming ratio generally no more than 30 times, the apparent density of lightweight of 100 kg/m&sup 3; The following, the heavy quality more than 100 MKG/m&sup 3; 。

polypropylene foam plastic has good dimensional stability, thermal stability and high temperature so work can be used for more than 100 ℃ temperature use of insulation materials. With PP foam sheet forming of food containers, good stress cracking resistance, resistance to boiling water and used in microwave heating. Without adding antioxidants foamed PP, the degradation of performance is better than that of PE and PS, this is the replacement PE, PS and so on the disposable packing material provides an advantage.

products have thicker cuticular layer, the surface is smooth, can take on wood or marble pattern. Due to differences in molding process, mechanical properties is higher than that of the same apparent density bead foaming process in the production of products. Extrusion process is widely used in the production of the plate density of 25 60kg/m³ And 100 - 600kg/m³ Building plank, extrusion process can produce the thickness of 0. 2 - 2 mm PS foam sheet, sheet finally can borrow vacuum molding process is made packaging containers, used for fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs are packaging products.

polyolefin foam plastics including polyethylene foam plastics and polypropylene foam plastics. The comprehensive performance of polyolefin plastic foam and economic cost between polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam. These chemical resistance, water resistance, hot workability is better than that of polyurethane foam. Heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, compression permanent deformation is better than that of polystyrene foam. Polyolefin foam plastic and styrofoam, also can use bead foaming process in the production of high foaming rate and excellent elasticity and buffer foam products, or in extrusion process in the production of foam plate, sheet and profiles.

bead density range can be obtained from 15 - foaming process 60kg/m³ , 40 - foaming ratio 60 times, even 100 times more high foam injection molding products processing. Moulded products can be material or plates of various sizes, or according to the need of shockproof cushioning protection product shape, moulded into a lumen can accommodate products. EPS when used as packing, except for a small piece of material cutting products, most of a forming die products.

the polyolefin belongs to the crystalline plastics, in order to control the foaming process and obtain homogeneous foam quality, crosslinking process is often used to bubble shape structure, as a result of low density polyethylene, without cross-linking of foam products is soft, and after crosslinking of foam products, improve the hardness. Polyethylene foam is primarily used packaging materials. With low density polyethylene as raw material, adopting extrusion process in the production of foam products for web material and sheet, material used in packing the goods such as fruit, in addition to the packaging materials used as well as thermal insulation material and floating.

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