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Polyurethane weather resistance stability agent and surfactant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Foaming agent is mixed into the polymer system, through the timely release of gas in the injection molding process, to form polymer microporous type of fertilizer, according to the mechanism of formation of the gas can be divided into physical foaming agent and chemical foaming agent. Domestic application of some new types of foaming agent environmental protection efforts is not enough, more substitute products production technology, equipment and formula of foam plastic products, and many other technology for promotion.

the degradation of polyurethane has a dual mechanism, namely through the direct absorption of ultraviolet (uv) radiation to ferris rearrangement, rearrangement product oxidation reaction with free radicals caused by light. Polyurethane stabilizing treatment, must be conducted from the two aspects, one is to join the uv absorber, to reduce the direct absorption of optical radiation, 2 it is to join such as phenolic antioxidants or HALS, to inhibit free radical oxidation reaction.

different packing, should choose different surfactants, as far as possible with higher surface tension of surfactant. Surfactant is said very few can significantly change the surface or interface properties of material. Its molecular structure consists of two parts, one is a longer nonpolar hydrocarbon, become hydrophobic group; Another seems to be a short polarity base, become a hydrophilic group. The types of surfactants with ionic and nonionic two kinds. Ionic is divided into anionic, cationic and amphoteric ionic.

the modification of the ADC product is gas evolution of foaming agent, granularity, color, thermal decomposition temperature were optimized, and the main way to have a change in the process of preparation of a certain reaction conditions or add some additives, ADC ultra-micronization model. the particles, the ADC by adding additives, different types of foaming agent to achieve the modification effect.

low temperature type: common ADC decomposition temperature higher than 200 ℃, for many low softening point and thermal aging of resin, hope to be able to have low temperature decomposition model of products, the current development of low temperature type ADC is one of the main research topic in the field of its modification. High dispersion type: want to uniform five holes, smooth surface of the polymer, requires a foaming agent in the polymers that can fully spread out on a sliding scale. Generally the ADC foaming agent is affected by factors such as electrostatic agglomeration formed, affect the quality of the product. So high dispersion of product development is very important, the ADC foaming agent can be mixed with some inert inorganic compound powder, also can be added in the ADC products made high dispersible product such as surfactant.

inhibition foam type: materials such as phenols, amines can inhibit the decomposition of ADC, when there are metal ionic activator its inhibition effect is better. Such as licensing machine to join inhibition foam material, for foaming effect difference caused by the uneven decorative pattern, the production of foam wallpaper and other indoor decoration material and so on. Complex: the ADC composite can put other additives mixed with ADC with a specific function or a few kinds of foaming agent mixed with each other. At present, the development of the plastics additives industry mainstream.

in general, when used alone tend to any kind of stabilizer effect is poorer, and must work with other stabilizer. For the light stability of polyurethane foam injection molding products processing, in addition to add HALS and uv absorber, also must add antioxidants. In polyurethane stable system, the synergy of antioxidants are significant, only add light stabilizer cannot achieve the ideal effect, must make HAIS, uv absorber and antioxidants and constitute a suitable and stable system can achieve better effect. Polyurethane material stabilization technology is very complex, in addition to the foregoing adding stabilizer, the structure of the synthesis of polyurethane materials, specifications, manufacturing process and so on are of great influence on the stability of.

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