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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) related species

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The density of PVDC, transparent, easy to printing, low transmittance of liquid and gas, toughness and impact strength is higher than PVC products. Deficiency is the resistance to light and heat stability. PVDC main plastic processing products are well packaging film, sheet, pipe, monofilament, and injection molding products, etc. Especially PVDC film has soft, transparent, non-toxic, and other excellent properties of heat resistant, oil resistant, resistant to bacteria, striking feature is its high barrier property. PVDC film better barrier property of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC film, became popular in the world one of three big high barrier property of plastic packaging materials, widely used in plastic wrap and food packaging, spices.

high polymerization degree PVC workability is poorer, 5 - higher melting temperature than the ordinary PVC 10 ℃, the melt viscosity is big, need long time of mixing and plasticizing. These are increasing the difficulty of high polymerization degree PVC forming. But high polymerization degree PVC plasticizer has strong absorption ability, compared with the ordinary PVC, high polymerization degree PVC can be, with up to 150 of the plasticizer and plasticizer good stability, a large amount of plasticizer can be added to lower the temperature in the glue flow, achieve the goal of shaping.

PVDC decomposition rapidly in 210 ℃, with general plasticizer compatibility is poor, so the processing more difficult. Industry are common PVDC vinylidene chloride and other monomers such as vinyl chloride, acrylonitrile and acrylate copolymer, comonomer in plasticizing effect, can be appropriately reduce the softening temperature of the resin, improve the intermiscibility with plasticizer, at the same time, do not break homopolymer high crystallinity. With the vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride copolymer is most important, copolymer of vinylidene chloride content is 75% 85%.

as a thermoplastic elastomer, high polymerization degree PVC available methods such as extrusion, injection molding, press molding, its products have been in the vehicle with a steering wheel, dust cover, cushion, electric wire and cable, electrical appliances with heat resistance, cold sealing material used in industry, building waterproof materials, caulking materials, as well as artificial leather, conveyor belt, shoes, etc for the application. CPVC is made by PVC resin by further chlorination.

CPVC has higher tensile strength and modulus, chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance has also improved, keep the PVC has good performance and dimensional stability. Compared with PVC, CPVC thermal stability, processing fluidity, processing more difficult. Because of its melt temperature is as high as 204 - Thermal decomposition of 232 ℃, tend to be larger than the PVC, processing equipment and material contact part of the lower surface roughness, and chrome plated or stainless steel materials, the design of extruder screw and the head need special technology.

high polymerization degree PVC is refers to the degree of polymerization - in 2000 3000 of the PVC. Basic structure is the same, compared with the ordinary PVC molecular chain length is different, high relative molecular mass and the regularity of the chain and the crystallinity increases, the increase in the number of bound node between the macromolecular chain, has a similar to the crosslinking structure. In the case of adding plasticizer can be made into class rubber elastomer. Compared with the ordinary PVC, using the same formula made by high polymerization degree PVC soft products has high tensile strength and tear strength, compression permanent deformation is small, high resilience, good abrasion resistance, and has excellent heat resistance, cold-resistant, aging resistance, better suited to larger forces and harsh environment of the workplace.

CPVC by extrusion molding plastic pipes, profiles and sheet. CPVC has a series of excellent performance make it has been applied in many fields, such as hot and cold water pipes and pipe fittings, corrosion-resistant chemical pipeline, valve, pump body, cooling tower packing, car inner decoration and communication equipment, etc. Injection molding processing factory PVDC is partial PVC homopolymer, relative molecular mass general is 20000 - 100000. Due to the molecular structure of symmetry, with high crystallinity, the crystallinity of about 35% 65%, the melting point is 198 - 205℃。

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