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PPO/ABS alloy and PPO and PO alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PPO do not compatible with the PO, need to add the compatilizer, improve the compatibility of the two. PPO/PO alloy compatilizer can be designed according to the consistency principle, selection of styrene has good compatibility with PPO and PO compatible olefins formed by two block or three block copolymer. SB block copolymer has good compatibilizers on PPO/PO. Alloy for PPO/LDPE plastic injection processing, two compatibilizing effect of block copolymer is better than the three block copolymer.

PPO/ABS alloy system, the content of MAH and SAN - GMA of GMA content in the copolymer has large influence on the impact strength of alloy. When the content of MAH was 1%, the SAN - GMA copolymer of GMA content was 2%, the impact strength of PPO/ABS alloy is very big. Hybrid approach is also the important factors that affect alloy performance, in general, distribution of mixing ratio step mix well, such as the PPO first premixed extrusion with MAH, ABS and SAN - again GMA copolymer blend of alloy, its impact strength higher than that of step mixed legal system of the alloy.

PPO/SBS alloy notched impact strength and almost a linear increase in the amount of SEBS, dosage reaches a certain value, the impact strength no longer increase. In the case of the same elastomer content, PPO/SEBS - g - MAH alloy with PPO/SEBS exceeds than notched impact strength value, and under the suitable content of elastomer, notched impact strength is very large. The PO is a crystalline polymer, good processing flow. PPO join PO, improves the solvent resistance of PPO and molding processability.

the relative molecular mass of the PS block is larger than 15000, compatible with PPO. SBS block copolymer and PPO only a glass transition temperature, PPO/SBS alloy, PPO in PS phase of SBS, increased the PS phase domain. Due to the high processing temperature of the alloy, lead to SB polybutadiene ingredient of elastomer degradation, so need to add the processing AIDS to reduce the processing temperature.

ABS in the content of AN effect on the compatibility of PPO/ABS alloy is larger, select the AN content lower ABS, can improve the compatibility of PPO. Using the thermodynamic compatibility between PPO and PS, to join in PPO substrates with styrene chain segments of the elastomer is an effective way to improve the PPO gap impact toughness. Such SB polymer elastic system, such as SBS, SB, SEBS, the compatibility of PPO and SB elastomer with elastomer in PS block relative molecular mass, relative molecular mass of the PS block - in 5000 Between 15000, when the same as the PPO parts, and with the increase of relative molecular mass, compatible degree also increased.

PPO and ABS blend, can improve the filling materials of PPO solvent resistance and impact resistance, and improve the surface gloss of PPO, and PPO can be plating. PPO/ABS alloy is electrical, electronics, automobile parts, electromagnetic shielding enclosure ideal material. Although PPO compatible with photoshop, but do not compatible with ABS, so compatibility technology must be used in the preparation process. If the reactive compatibilizer SAN - GMA copolymer and MAH join PPO/ABS system, at the same time can get the reaction capacity of PPO/ABS alloy.

due to the low unsaturation than SBS SEBS, so PPO/SEBS alloy than PPO/SBS is compared, improves the heat resistance and weather resistance. Will be after the maleic anhydride, SEBS with PPO blending again, can better bring into play the function of SEBS toughening, forming super toughening of PPO/SEBS - g - MAH alloy. This phenomenon is the result of different shape and structure of two kinds of alloy. PPO/SBS system, the high viscosity of SEBS, PPO parcel SEBS, sea island structure formation, and PPO/SEBS - g - The system of MAH, PPO/SEBS - g - MAH melt viscosity, lower than the PPO of PPO/SEBS - of low viscosity g - MAH tending to high viscosity of PPO, forming two phase continuous mesh structure.

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