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PPS and the application of modified materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In a wide temperature and frequency range with excellent performance. Chemical stability is good, except for nitric acid, sulfuric acid, halogenated hydrocarbon, general acid, alkali, salt, swelling in the ketones and esters. Uv resistance and weather resistance is poor, poor resistance to fatigue strength is a major drawback. PSF resin injection tooling for non-crystalline sex, glass transition temperature of 190 ℃, the relative density of about 1. 24, 80 - light transmittance 90%, the refractive index of 1. 633, can through the visible light and 2. 0 under infrared, the absorption 0. Below 4 uv, X-ray with high stability.

usually curing temperature below 280 ℃, time of 10 - After 20 h/pressure of 70 mpa, with 2 - around 95 ℃ 3 ℃ / min speed up to resin melting point 288 ℃, the rapid heating up to about 360 ℃, 2 - constant temperature 3 h, in slightly less than 0. The speed of 5 ℃ / min temperature to 150 ℃, for a quick parts. The pressure rise may not be the product in the process of cooling. Be system for extrusion molding in PPS and PPS coating of small diameter tubing, plate wire, cable.

polysulfone mainly has three types: bisphenol A type polysulfone, polyether sulfone and aromatic sulfone. Aliphatic polysulfone not alkali resistance, heat resistance, no practical value, and aromatic polysulphone of bisphenol A polysulfone - and their modified products Of bisphenol A aromatic sulfone and polyether sulfone, has A broad application. PSF is slightly amber transparent or translucent polymer amorphous type, mechanical performance is excellent, big rigidity, wear resistance, high strength, even at high temperatures is of excellent mechanical properties, long-term use of temperature is 160 ℃, short-term use temperature is 190 ℃, high thermal stability, hydrolysis resistance, good dimensional stability, molding shrinkage of small, non-toxic, resistance to radiation, flame retardant, self-extinguishing.

extruder type extruder, the HDPE can be used for extrusion molding resin melt index should be 100 - 150g/10min。 High relative molecular mass of PPS with calendaring fast was 0. 5 mm thick plate, the rolling temperature is 316 ℃, quenching sheet polishing roller temperature is 79 ℃, sheet annealing heat treatment temperature of 204 ℃. Because the PPS has excellent comprehensive performance, so in the field of electronic appliances, auto precision machinery for a wide range of applications.

PPS has excellent performance, especially in the 200 ℃ still has good rigidity and dimensional stability and high temperature and high frequency under the condition of good electrical insulating properties, so he is especially suitable for production under the condition of high temperature, high frequency electrical components. Such as connectors, transformers, choke, relay of the skeleton, various class H winding frame, coil tube, and other products. Reinforced PPS products can be used for electrical industrial parts, such as transformer skeleton and work under conditions of heat tube and a metal insert, thin wall parts.

similar method of sintered metal used PPS production plate, sheet or hollow type products, compared with pressure molding, sintering molding of high production efficiency, compared with the injection molding processing, is significantly reduced costs. Usually choose such as graphite and PTFE packing to improve the wear resistance of sintered parts, and by using glass fiber to improve the structure performance. In sintering process includes five basic: packing mixing, procuring, cold pressing, control, control of temperature cooling.

PPS with excellent dimensional stability, resistance to creep, and good processability, and rigid, is often used to make the camera, the copier parts and parts of apparatus, CD. PPS application in the field of automobile is mainly used in the manufacture of heat resistance, heat resistance, oil resistant and lightweight high strength automobile components. Sensors, connectors, such as the fuel induction system dye, dye pump parts and cooling system heaters center box and so on.

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