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Precision injection molding process characteristics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding machine clamping system of injection molding processing to its clamping force must be able to precisely control, otherwise, the clamping force is too big or too small will be bad influence on precision plastic parts. Such as clamping force is too large, precision injection molding precision will decrease due to the elastic deformation of mould is too large. Silent injection molding machine must have a very strong plasticizing capacity, and will ensure that the material will be able to get good plasticizing effect. Therefore, in addition to the screw must be driven by a larger torque and control system should also be able to screw for stepless speed regulation.

the flow of the increase of injection pressure can shape allows the use of distance than increases, so will help improve the plastic parts on the forming performance and forming super thin wall thick plastic parts. Of polycarbonate, for example, in 77 mpa injection pressure, molding plastic pieces of wall thickness is about 0. 2 - 0. 8 mm, when the injection pressure increased to 392 mpa, the plastic parts wall thickness can be reduced to 0. 15 - 0. 6mm。

precision injection molding machine control system is generally have high control precision, it is required by the accuracy of precision injection molding itself. Must ensure that all kinds of injection molding process parameters of injection molding machine control system has good repeatability, to avoid the accuracy of precision injection molding process parameters for wave and change. Therefore, precision injection molding machine is generally on the injection volume, injection pressure, injection speed, the holding pressure and screw back pressure and screw rotation speed and other parameters to take multiple feedback control, and the PID controller for the cylinder and nozzle temperature.

increase injection pressure helps to give full play to the effect of injection speed, this is because the shape of complex parts generally must adopt the sake of a fast injection rate, injection speed and fast and must rely on high injection pressure to guarantee. Injection molding, using fast injection speed, can not only shape more complex plastic forming parts, but also can reduce the size of the plastic parts of tolerance, this conclusion has been confirmed.

temperature has great influence on the quality of plastic parts molding, for precision injection, not only the problems of the temperature, but also has the problem of temperature control precision. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if you don't accurate temperature control, the liquidity of plastic melt as well as the plastic formability and shrinkage rate is not stable, therefore unable to guarantee the precision of the plastic parts. From a perspective, using precision injection molding, no matter for the cylinder and the nozzle, or for injection mold, they must be kept under strict control of the temperature range.

increase injection pressure can increase the volume of plastic melt compressed volume, make its density increases, small linear expansion coefficient, reduce the plastic shrinkage and shrinkage rate fluctuations in value. For example, the temperature is 209 ℃ polyformaldehyde, adopting WenMo 60 ℃ and 98 mpa injection pressure forming wall thickness is 3 mm plastic parts, injection molding processing parts of shrinkage ratio close to 2. 5%, when the constant humidity and plastic pieces of conditions, to increase the injection pressure to 392 mpa, plastic shrinkage can drop to zero. About 5%.

for precision injection molding production, in order to guarantee the precision of plastic parts, in addition to strictly control the material barrel, nozzle, and mold temperature, also notice after demoulding ambient temperature influence on the precision of plastic parts. Due to precision injection molding with high accuracy, so, they typically require special precision injection molding machine. Precision injection molding machine generally adopt larger injection power, to do so in addition to being able to meet the requirements of injection pressure and injection speed, injection power itself also to the improvement of the plastic parts play a role.

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