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Precision injection molding processing technology for plastic mold have any specific requirements?

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Design of plastic products, should be first selected engineering plastic material, and can perform a precision injection molding engineering plastics and must choose those high mechanical properties, dimension stability, good creep resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance of the material. Second should be based on the selected plastic materials, precision of finished product size, weight, quality requirements and expected mold structure selection of a suitable injection molding machine. In the process of machining, the factors influencing the precision of injection molding products mainly from the temperature of the mold and injection molding process control, and the scene of the production environment temperature and humidity change amplitude and the acquired product annealing treatment, etc.
in terms of precision injection mold is used to obtain one of the keys to meet the requirements of the quality of precision plastic products, precision injection used mold should be practical and meet the requirements of the product size and shape, precision mold material should be selected strictly. But even if the precision of the mould, size is consistent, the molding plastic products the actual size may also be due to shrinkage difference and inconsistent. Effectively control plastic shrinkage rate, therefore, it is very important in precision injection molding technology.
injection mould design is reasonable or not will directly affect the plastic shrinkage rate, due to the mold cavity dimension is estimated by the plastic product size and shrinkage rate is obtained, and the shrinkage is or manual of engineering plastics as recommended by the plastic manufacturer of a range of values, it not only with the mold gate forms, gate location and distribution, and the crystal orientation of engineering plastics ( Anisotropic) , plastic products shape, size and the position and the distance to the gate, and at the same time and mold cooling distribution system is closely related.
influence mainly include thermal contraction of plastic shrinkage rate, phase change shrinkage, orientation, compression contraction with factors such as elastic recovery, and the influence factors and precision injection parts molding conditions or operating conditions. Therefore, these factors must be considered when designing the mold and injection molding conditions and the relationship between apparent factors, such as injection pressure and cavity pressure and mold filling speed, melt temperature and mold temperature, injection mold structure and gate forms and distribution of products as well as the gate area, wall thickness, plastic materials, plastic materials content of reinforcing filler in the impact of factors such as crystallinity and orientation.
the above factors also because of different plastic materials, the influence of processing conditions such as temperature, humidity, continue to other crystallization, the change of the internal stress of after molding, injection molding machine.
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