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Preparation of ion exchange material structure

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing of polymer - Layered silicate nanocomposites is a kind of composite material is now emerging, compared with the conventional polymer-based composite material, has the following features: minimal packing can make composite material has high strength, elastic modulus, toughness and Yin performance, insulation and conventional fiber, mineral filler composites requires more than 3 - PLS Five times the amount of filling, and various performance indicators can also, so PLS nanomaterials are lighter than traditional polymerization filling system quality, costs also fell.

show was determined by small Angle X-ray diffraction (XRD), in the distance between the particles of SiO2 and SiO2 is about 4 nm. Made of SiO2 has conductive performance. Most of these composites are porous, can be used as a carrier of the stationary phase of chromatography. Organic - Nanocomposite inorganic, organic and inorganic nanomaterials features at a suit, therefore has many excellent properties. The performance with the material structure, composition of the two phase, and the proportion of the two phase change and change, so you can through the combination of the two phase to cut its physical properties, synthesis of the different USES of composite materials.

plug after stratification organic nano graphite to add to the polymer. Control organic nano graphite content can adjust the electric properties of polymer, within a certain range in the IC electronic products, packaging and oil refining, easy to produce static explosion places of antistatic problem end is easy. Clay is kaolinite, montmorillonite and marl stone.

the inorganic nano composite material with a small amount of polymers, glass can improve the performance of inorganic glass, in the optical fiber, waveguide materials, nonlinear optical materials, low density, high strength materials, inorganic adhesive, etc, has potential application prospect. In epoxy silane adding dilute acid and methyl acrylate system under acid condition to form polymer/inorganic nanocomposites are glass. This kind of composite material has good oxygen permeability, wettability, elasticity and flexibility, the mechanical strength is high, can withstand cutting and polishing machining, at the same time also has a good penetrability and refractive index of optical performance, is a kind of excellent performance of contact lens materials.

acrylonitrile in silicate layer in-situ polymerization, and then through high heat ablation, polymer into carbon fiber, resulting in molecular level dispersion of carbon fiber toughening ceramics. Organic polymer with a small amount of inorganic nanocomposites, can improve the mechanical properties, heat resistance performance has improved significantly. Graphite is a typical kind of layered compounds, with lamellar structure, relative slip between sheet can. Graphite layers is a complete crystal structure, other molecules especially hard long chains of polymer into larger volume between graphite lamellar structure.

ion exchange method of injection molding processing composite material has good nonlinear optical properties, can be used to make some optoelectronic devices. Inorganic nanoparticles dispersion method using nanometer inorganic particles as gel matrix, polymer on its surface precipitation, and precipitation of the polymer and inorganic particles package together, form a 100 - 300 nm size of the particles have cascading layer structure. The SiO2 in the decentralized system of this kind of structure of SiO2 nanocomposites.

usually add a 3 - in the polymer 5 quantity can lead to significant changes in mechanical properties, thermal properties of polymers, can rise to 20% 30% of ordinary inorganic filling effect. 2 times of clay density of polymer nanoparticles, a fine powder, simply by using the method of melt blending composite is difficult to get the uniform dispersion of nano composite materials. Using treated with organic intercalated clay nanoparticles close-grained degree is adjustable, moderate hardness, size uniform nano clay masterbatch. The masterbatch with resin after simple mixing, mixing, granulation, effectively overcome the nanomaterials due to difference density and shape of the scattered unevenly.

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