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Preparation of reactive extrusion compatible agent and fiber reinforced agent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Extruder is a kind of ideal reactor polymer modification. Each section of the extruder is equivalent to the role of a small reactor. In the extruder can be fused polymer reaction with one or more monomers, in the preparation of compatilizer. Initiator, such as superoxide, can be in single injection before and after injection from synfuels fiasco tube to join, or in the form of masterbatch is mixed with the polymer substrate in advance. Unreacted monomer and other volatile substances can be removed by vacuum exhaust.

because the polarity of carboxylic acid monomer and used in alkene preparation of polymer metal catalyst reaction, prevented the monomer polymerization. But under the free radicals cause, reaction with polymer, generate graft copolymer. The copolymer containing polymer derived by new polymerization of monomers hang branched chain.

and compatilizer preparation maleic anhydride maleic anhydride reaction type. Under appropriate conditions, saturated molten polymer with maleic anhydride under the effect of free radicals caused, the reaction on the main chain hanging from a single succinic anhydride and maleic anhydride of polymer. But in the process of the reaction, there are MAH homopolymer, polymer crosslinking and/or adverse events such as the degradation of polymer reaction.

the dosage of the reaction monomers such as MAH, for high melting point of polymer matrix resin, to appropriately increase the amount of MAH. MAH addition amount is too high, will cause side effects, such as its own gather on the other hand, the product of the grafting rate is too low. Initiator dosage is the key of the reactive extrusion preparation of compatilizer, too large for the amount of initiator, either by hand or will lead to the degradation of polymer chain, leading to the color of the product, the melt viscosity is abnormal.

in order to improve the mechanical properties and thermal properties of plastic, with fiber enhancement is a very effective means of agent. Many different kinds of fiber reinforced agent, generally can be divided into two major categories of organic and inorganic fiber fiber. Inorganic fiber as glass fiber, carbon fiber, asbestos, and so on. Organic fiber including synthetic fiber, cotton and so on. The characteristics of fiber reinforced materials significantly with large length to diameter ratio and enough strength and toughness.

glass fiber elastic modulus is much lower than the carbon fiber, but in terms of strength, the glass fiber almost don't have other reinforcing fiber is poor, so it is a kind of widely used fiber strengthening agent. Carbon fiber density is low, an advantage in terms of lightweight material used. Miscellaneous mixed composite materials have the advantages of each strengthening agent and produce special purpose. Carbon fiber seems to be the only strength is not falling, the disadvantage is that the impact strength is low.

the principle of fiber reinforced plastics is mainly due to the fiber/resin interface connection must be made on the forces acting on the molding parts, conduction to the fiber, thus the strength of the fiber is make full use of, a purpose of resin. But the length of the fibers in the resin matrix must meet certain requirements, this is the critical fiber length. Therefore, fiber reinforced plastic injection molding and processing properties and fiber distribution has a close relationship, for a particular fiber, the critical fiber length is affected by the interface shear strength or monofilament diameter.

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