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Pressure with connection

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Connection mode can be eventually connection, also can be a temporary connection, the latter usually as a transition before welding or injection molding process connection. Buckles connection can be repeatedly disassembled are called non permanent lock. If the type is sealed, it is called a permanent lock type. And according to the connection form of stress in the process of classifying buckles connection is also very popular a kind of classification method, in this way, can be divided into the cantilever clasp buckles connection link, annular hasp and reverse buckles connection.

to make assembly with safe and reliable, the tensile stress should be lower than the tensile yield strength of material. In tensile yield strength as reference material, determine the allowed between the axis and shell design stress value, must also be according to the fitting of a working environment and a safety factor based on the anticipated service life. Pressure distribution in the design of connection, usually material is given, and fittings in the known material performance parameters under the condition of geometric parameters, can according to allow the design of fittings required assembly stress value calculated with force and torque, and calculate the reasonable amount of interference, so as to determine the feasible tolerance values of the shaft and the shell, in order to determine the components of the design.

buckles connection is based on, plastic at room temperature in a short period of time with the larger elastic deformation characteristics, so the selection of materials is important one annulus. Usually one of the parts are relatively hard, while the other parts are more flexible, good elasticity and fatigue strength, in addition is the design of the structure and size. Buckles connection forms, the variety is more, can be designed to be stationary, there is no relative motion between the mating part, or is a movable type, namely after parts joint, there exists relative motion between them.

material performance parameters, the fitting assembly design of geometric parameters and loads are three important variables, in which any two variables if known, the third variable can be determined, the relevant calculation formula can be found in the corresponding design manual. Axle casing pressure and connection, shaft shell can be the same or different kind of plastic material, also can be metal and plastic parts of the link. Brittle materials, the stress sensitive material should not be commonly used for connection.

toughness good polymer pressure distribution connection can be made easier. Temperature rising on the pressure distribution between different materials, will be the quantity of the interference caused by thermal expansion, therefore if made from plastic and metal pressure, enhance or mineral filled plastic materials is more appropriate. In addition, the pressure distribution of long-term stress under the action of link to considering the creep and stress relaxation of plastic material, when the design should pay attention to choose the material with good resistance to creep, creep curves of the material can be expected to evaluate the working life.

in pressure with connection, with two possible failure modes: if the material of the shaft of the axial compressive stress on more than the yield limit, shaft will burst. If the tangential stress acting on shell or tensile stress than stretching the limits of shell material, the shell will be burst. Shell and plastic injection tooling since both axial compression, and metal or plastic shell axial compression, the possibility of shaft damage is small, so in most cases, the main consideration on the tensile stress on the surface of the shell.

buckles connection, also known as the button hook connection or connection. In real life, buckles connection has a very wide range of applications. Observed that some of the things in life, its structure and connection form may vary, but the connection is based on the basic principle is consistent, namely one party has a prominent part of fittings, referred to as the flange. The fitting of the other party shall have a groove. Assembly, the assembly force force flange parts produce instant flexible deformation of this one party, to the fitting of the other party to promote, for flange card into the groove, lock connection of two parts, connection is complete. Then restored after the completion of the connection, the deformation part, cooperate with some relatively stress free state.

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