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Processing and injection molding process, equipment innovation

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Type double injection mold and general injection mold is no big difference, it is to use a pair of mold parts by double got double injection molding parts processing factory, because the use of nozzle cross distribution, distribution type injection two materials. Due to some volatile gas, plastics in the injection molding process of the cavity surface will produce corrosion, so want to some protection or strengthening the cavity surface. As the gas in the cavity will cause many adverse effects on forming, so need to set the overflow system on mold, but also reliable connection with the distribution of the nozzle.

double color dual mode of double clear color injection molding by using rotary mould of double color injection molding machine, injection molding and injection molding his head form the first floor, to the secondary injection the head is the second injection, end up with double table color parts. Twice injection molding cavity sizes, and are full of. Interface bonding between different product, the color of the melt by the melt temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure, the influence of factors such as the holding time.

double color single mode of double injection molding is a kind of multicolor single-mode stratified injection molding, he used the cross assignment nozzle, injection allocation type two kinds of materials. The two plastic due to the order of the injection mold cavity have successively, so layered solidification in the cavity to form a double parts. The structure of the bicomponent foam injection molding is a kind of double color single mode of double injection molding. Injection molding for the first time to set aside space for the second injection molding, the first is full of, the second is full.

multimode more clear color injection molding machine, mold half in a rotary plate, the other half is installed on the fixed plate. After the first color plastic injection, mould local open, rotary plate together with the other half of the mould and parts turning 180 & deg; To the second color plastic injection position, on the second injection molding, can obtain an obvious double clear color separation parts. In part design and general type of injection mold are basically the same, the difference is to consider two positions of the injection mold punch, concave die cavity body sizes, and with two punch can cooperate well, generally adopt the molding of small parts.

because it is double color injection molding, so the gating system runs a feed system of injection molding and secondary injection of gating system, respectively from two injection device. Due to the double clear color only at the end of the secondary injection molding parts out, so a injection location demoulding mechanism doesn't work. For horizontal rotating injection molding machine, stripping out the available of injection molding machine, the ejection device for vertical rotating injection molding machine, unable to use injection molding machine, ejection device so vacuum ejector mechanism can be installed on the rotary table.

in injection molding is used with two or more than two injection system of injection molding machine, the different species or different color plastic simultaneously or successively into one or a few mold injection molding method, divided into clear color of multicolor multimode molding, multicolor single-mode clear color molding, multicolor single-mode mixed color injection molding. In one injection molding machine is equipped with more injection mould and many sets of injection molding equipment, such as double color dual mode of double clear color injection molding is a kind of multicolor multimode clear color injection molding.

because of the special molding method, two mold size and precision of the guide must be consistent. For horizontal rotating injection molding machine, mold height consistent, the center of the two vice mould should be on the same radius of gyration, and difference between 180 & deg; ; For vertical rotary injection molding machine, two vice mould to on the same axis. In a more than a pair of injection mold and injection molding machine equipped with injection device for processing injection molding.

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