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Product functional design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The dye has the characteristics of colorful coloring ability, dye only absorbs light, rather than scattered light, so the dye color is transparent. Paint can be divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments. Inorganic pigments in various forms of chromium oxide, salt and metal oxide compound, on the basis of most of the molecular structure of inorganic pigment is simple. Because of its stable structure, inorganic pigments, light stability, heat resistance, weather resistance is very good, but the intensity of color and brightness is poorer, tonal and bright enough. Because of the high reflective index commonly used in opaque plastic injection products processing.

now defined the function of the design, in addition to the use function of the most basic design products, often based on factors such as object, using the environment on the use of the products, product design aesthetic, fashion, physiological function, environment function, etc. Shape and color are the two design elements of industrial design products, the former performance for modelling, the latter for decoration. Modelling and colour, accord with contemporary aesthetic requirements.

colorants in different wavelengths of light absorption and reflection color. Used plastic colorants are of two kinds of dyes and pigments. The significance of the latter to the plastics industry. Dye and pigment is an important difference between dyes dissolved in the matrix resin, as molecular status solubility is related to the kinds of plastic and processing conditions. Usually paint on the processing conditions, is essentially insoluble in the plastic, is required for the process of coloring was wet with plastic and evenly dispersed in the system.

with improvements in economic strength and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the product is beautiful in the process of products to the consumer, more and more shows its importance, especially in the consumer appliances, mobile phone and car type of personalized products, products of this property, the location and value of the products has become increasingly important. With plastic as industrial design material, not only in terms of product modeling for much greater freedom, also in the adornment of the products to the creation of the designer has provided a broad space.

the modern plastic processing technology, can put the plastic processed into various products excellent decorative effect. Good coloration given plastic product all kinds of bright colors. Metal coating technology to plastic products to the appearance of the light. Artificial marble and synthetic materials, can be very realistic imitation of natural material sense of property, flocking technology for plastic products, give a person with a soft, warm kindness. Can say, not a design materials can be in the diversity of the decoration and decorative effect can be compared with plastic.

with deepening the cognition on the progress of the society and people, function of the concept connotation and the extension is now greatly was expanded to the concept of traditional physical function is replaced by the concept of generalized functions now, become the two major categories of physical function, mental function of other complex. Injection molding processing parts rivet connection, is suitable for the connection strength requirement is not high. In most cases, the connection is not repeatable tear open outfit, as much as possible in order to disperse assembly stress in large area, it is recommended to use big diameter rivets and gasket.

plastic coloring is added colouring agent in the plastic raw material, make plastic under the molten state uniform color, the final forming of non-ferrous products such a whole coloring process engineering. Plastic has good performance of coloring, about 80% of the plastic products is by adding a colorant into non-ferrous products. Colored plastic products not only beautify the appearance of the function, but also increase the products to some other function, such as color logo, shelter, improve weathering products, infrared absorption, reflection, and so on.

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