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Production of ABS

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Mixing method with dry wet two kinds, injection molding processing raw material ABS grafted powder and bulk polymerization AS dry mixing, with the equipment requirements is not high, the craft is simple, small impact on the environment, the relative molecular mass and component is easy to control, wide adaptability, etc. In the production of ABS grafted powder and AS first copolymer by dry removal of moisture, to dry into the mixing equipment for mixing, mixing material heated in the twin screw extruder, plastication, granulation get granular ABS products.

butadiene is a colorless gas, liquefied, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents. Because of conjugated double bond, butadiene nature and lively, easy aggregation, is an important raw material of synthetic rubber. The synthesis methods of butadiene, industry mainly adopts oil processing by-product C4 component to making. Will is normal butane - butane and circulation Is the mixture of butene heated to 600 - together After 620 ℃ pumped with alumina, alumina catalyst reactor, generated by dehydrogenation reaction butadiene, after purification can be used as monomer.

graft ABS emulsion can be directly used in mixing, also can be obtained via condensation, centrifugal washing and drying of the reentry after graft ABS powder mixing. Used in the production of ABS and the copolymer of acrylonitrile and styrene with ontology, suspension, emulsion, three methods of synthesis at present commonly used are the first two. Especially the bulk polymerization using heat, continuous polymerization, products with high purity, stable quality, less pollution to the environment, made great development in recent years. The method is to put the styrene and acrylonitrile monomer and molecular weight regulator according to certain proportion to join in the reactor of continuous polymerization and product after emergence unreacted monomer to extrusion process of granulation, eventually get the AS granular material.

early ABS resin is produced by mixing method, first made AS resin and NBR after respectively, then the ABS resin by blending method. For example, 65 - 70 AS resin containing 30% acrylonitrile on the mixing machine heated to 150 - 200 ℃, the resin melt completely, then add 30 - 35 NBR and the amount of vulcanizer, etc. , in 150 - 180 ℃ mixing 20 min, that is, get a uniform mixture - ABS resin.

mixing method, due to the poor quality of ABS resin, long-term use of perishable or layered, therefore, now of the ABS resin production mainly by graft copolymerization method. Graft emulsion blending method is now the most commonly used method, production of ABS resin emulsion grafting generally includes the preparation of butadiene latex blending method, butadiene latex with styrene and acrylonitrile graft copolymerization, blending and post-processing and other several steps.

acrylonitrile is a colorless liquid boiling point 78 ℃, the steam is toxic, but soluble in most organic solvents. Because of acrylonitrile is and the important raw material for synthetic fiber, rubber and plastics, and therefore in the three synthetic industry occupies an important position. Early industrial production of acrylonitrile mainly adopt the method of acetylene and hydrocyanic acid addition. Due to the development of petrochemical industry, mainly used in the industry now propylene ammonia oxidation synthesis to acrylonitrile production.

the preparation of butadiene latex is one of the main unit of ABS production process, generally USES emulsion polymerization process. First add the butadiene polymerization kettle, with synthetic fatty acid potassium soap as the emulsifier, organic peroxide as the initiator, in 5 - 20 ℃ under polybutadiene latex emulsion polymerization system. After adding styrene and acrylonitrile graft into kettle in 50 - The emulsion graft copolymerization under 75 ℃, acrylonitrile and styrene copolymer was grafted onto polybutadiene, get ABS emulsion injection molding plant.

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