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Protection method of injection mould

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
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should attach great importance to the surface of the mold maintenance, it directly influence the surface quality of the products, the key is to prevent corrosion, therefore, choose a suitable anti-rust oil, high quality, professional becomes more and more important. After the mold to complete production tasks, should according to different injection to take different approaches to remove residual injection carefully, available copper rod, copper wire and professional mold cleaner to remove residual injection and other sediments in the mould, and then dried. Disable clear iron wire, steel and other hard objects, so as not to scratch the surface. If corrosive injection caused by rust point, to use grinding machine grinding and polishing, and professional rust-proof oil spray, and then put the mould in a dry, cool storage, no dust. The protection of the mold.

such as precision mould has a specific vulnerability characteristics of mould is very important for the security and protection, so the overall induction has the following several aspects:
1. Rust prevention: to prevent injection molding tools and water/condensate/rain/hand caused by the rust phenomenon.
  2. Collision avoidance: prevent mold for thimble has mold caused by fracture, not back in place the crashed.
  3. In addition to sting: prevent mold by wipe cloth wipe rush/material/hand/nozzle clamp/knife touch mould caused by burrs.
  4. Short: prevent mold die due to lack of rod/washer parts damaged in the process of use.
  5. Pressure defense: prevent mold due to still remain products and clamping mould bruised.
  6. Undervoltage: prevent mold due to the low voltage protection stress damage.
there for thimble fracture has not been back in place, mould residues, thimble auxiliary products, the lack of parts is the proportion of the damage of the mould is higher, and that the more frequently, so that more than 85% of the mould are therefore cause damage, and higher maintenance costs generally of mould, so how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.

processing enterprises should be in the injection molding machine, mold under normal operation, all kinds of mold test performance, and will be the final shape of parts size measured, through which information can determine the existing state of mould, find out the cavity, core, cooling system and parting surface damage, according to the information provided by the plastic, can judge the mold damage status and maintenance measures.

the mold maintenance notice:
1. Removing the mould, to avoid bruising and drench water, moving smoothly.
  2. Spray hot mould, spray a small amount of mold release
3. To mold a comprehensive check and antirust processing, carefully wipe dry cavity, core and ejector mechanism and moisture and sundry, in areas such as the line a and spraying mould rust inhibitor and butter.

mold maintenance
mold in the process of continuous work, because in the process of the movement to the wear and tear parts, lubricants, water leakage, crushed plastic materials, the need for mold maintenance.
mould daily maintenance generally include the following aspects:
1. Regular cleaning ( The appearance, PL, cavity, core, etc. )
  2. Add lubricant to regularly ( Ejection mechanism, line, etc. )
  3. Replaced periodically easy wear parts ( Rod, bolts, etc. )
4。 Need to be aware of other places

vice mold injection molding processing enterprises should also give each record card, detailed records, statistics of its use, care, Lubrication, cleaning, rust) And damage, which can be found on the basis of parts and components have been damaged, the wear degree of size, to find and solve the problem of information data, and the mould molding process parameters, the materials used for the product, so as to shorten the test time of mould, improve production efficiency.

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