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Pu leather products

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
From type paper but not artificial leather in the production of the carrier, but also artificial leather natural leather, given the pattern and handle, can further by artificial art to get all sorts of style of the design. Injection molding processing PUR leather light and toughness, good heat resistance, cold resistance and chemical stability, especially in cold conditions change feel small, stable quality. PUR artificial leather is mainly used for bags, furniture, packaging, clothing, etc.

artificial leather is warp/weft weaving textile cloth as the backing material, surface coating resins and additives with mixture of plastic products. Synthetic leather is non-woven base material, through impregnating coating made of resin and additives mixing material and plastic products. The main difference is that different base material, artificial leather base material commonly used non-woven fabrics, coated after don't have the basic structure of natural leather, but synthetic leather is a lotus root shape of cross section of the structure of the hollow fiber non-woven fabric as base material, coating and a series of post-processing by dipping process to make the structure and performance is closer to natural leather.

is a major component of PUR leather as base material, different base material is suitable for various leather products and USES. Dry PUR artificial leather is the solvent PUR resin coated on the substrate and the multilayer film, base material and fabric of a kind of plastic products with multi-layer structure. Production points direct surface method and indirect method of scraping the method. The indirect method is divided into vector method, copy, from the type of paper.

PUR leather as raw materials is more complex, and mainly includes PUR paste, adhesives used base material. PUR slurry is mainly refers to the use of polyester polyol, MDI and amount of catalyst, chain extender, solvent such as made of thermoplastic PUR solution together. Manufacturing method has two kinds: one is the method of excess NCO, 2 it is NCO owe method. Excess NCO method is first step addition polycondensation reaction by tdi and MDI made from low molecular weight polymers, then join the chain extender chain extension reaction, make the solution converge to a certain viscosity, are required for the size of relative molecular mass.

method of NCO owe to polyester polyol, chain extension agent, catalyst, solvent mixture evenly heated to 80 - After 85 ℃, and 90% of MDI, according to the condition of viscosity increase and then gradually add the remaining 10% of MDI, finally obtained the required relative molecular mass of PUR pulp. The main function of PUR leather products adhesives is the interlayer bonding, between surface and base material, and he decides the product the size of the peel strength.

polymer main leather products using cellulose nitrate, PVC instead of cellulose nitrate to the 1930 s, early 70 s, PUR leather products. PUR leather product performance, more excellent material performance, look and feel closer to natural leather, with a soft, beautiful, wear-resisting, cold, breathable, ageing resistance, etc. PUR artificial leather and synthetic leather production process similar to that of the latter process is more complicated. PUR synthetic leather in folding fastness, elongation and moisture permeability, etc, is better than that of artificial leather.

adhesive has a single component and two components: a single set is divided into the low, without crosslinking agent for curing, so the structure will not form the crosslinking structure, relatively poor sub heat resistance, solvent resistance; Two-component need to join the crosslinking agent to solidify, larger adhesion, use must be heated to promote in the curing reaction can achieve high bonding strength. Injection molding processing preparation of adhesive can be used TDI and MDI, TDI is better than an MDI bonding strength.

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