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Punch with the feed chamber

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Blowing mold release is suitable for thin-walled shell shaped pieces, when the thin shell plastic injection processing parts of small punch bags force or punch Angle is bigger, after open mold plastic parts will stay in the die, the compressed air into the plastic parts due to shrinkage of clearance between the die wall, will make the plastic parts. Manual type available artificial by handle, with gear rack transmission mechanism or discharge remove plastic shirk formwork, etc. Press some with ejection device or without ejection device, press without ejection device is suitable for the mobile compression molding.

exhaust discharge chute should be open to the upper punch, after making the mould clamping charging higher cavity on the plane, so that the remaining material from outside. Load of the pressure the effect is to reduce extrusion ring, prolong the service life of mould. Compression mould punch and die with the structure of the form and size is the key to the die design, the form and size varies according to the compression mold type. Overflow type compression modulus matching form without charging chamber, only using concave model cavity charging, punch and die without guide ring and cooperate with the ring, relying instead on guide pillar and guide sleeve positioning and orientation, intensive contact surface is a parting surface and pressure surface.

compression molding launched demoulding mechanism similar to injection mold, common demoulding mechanism with push rod demoulding mechanism, pushing tube and ejecting board demoulding mechanism, etc. Compression molding launched demoulding mechanism according to the power source can be divided into motor type, pneumatic type, manual type 3 kinds. Pneumatic using compressed air blowing plastic parts directly from the mold. When using the overflow type compression mould or a half overflow type compression mould, if the plastic parts of cavity adhesion force is not big, can use blowing mold release.

in order to make flash thinning, intensive contact area shoulds not be too big, general design into unilateral width is 3 - The extrusion side of 5 mm. In order to improve the confined area, outside the material overflow surface open material overflow groove, outside the material overflow tank and pressure surface. Not overflow type compression modulus matching form the charging chamber is concave upward continuation part of model cavity, the cross section of the same size, no compression ring, but have a guide ring, ring and exhaust discharge chute.

half overflow type compression modulus matching form the biggest characteristic is to have excessive levels of compression molding extrusion ring, at the same time also has not overflow type compression modulus between the punch and loading chamber with ring and guide ring, additional punch is equipped with exhaust flash flash tank. Overflow type compression mold loading chamber does not overflow type, half overflow type compression modulus above the cavity has a feeding chamber. Simple geometric shapes of plastic parts, can use general computing geometric algorithms, complex geometry, can be divided into several rules of geometry are calculated respectively, then the combined. If known parts weight, according to the plastic weight divided by the density of molded parts and plastic parts volume.

the effect of extrusion ring is to limit the punch downward position and guarantee the thinnest level flash, extrusion ring is mainly used for half a overflow type and overflow type compression molding. Storage function is to store manger from more than expected, so should be set aside after intensive with little space for store manger. In order to reduce the flash when compression molding, injection molding processing precision and quality, must will generate gas and excess stock, generally in the forming process for pressure relief vent operation or use intensive cooperate clearance to exhaust, but compression complex shape parts and illiquid fiber packing plastic should be set when the exhaust material overflow groove, deep cavity plastic parts molding pressure should also be open vent overflow trough.

loading chamber section size according to the type of mould, no overflow type compression modulus of feeding section size and cavity equal cross section size. A overflow type compression modulus of feeding chamber with extrusion surface, so the loading chamber cross section size is equal to the extrusion cavity section size and surface size, squeeze the unilateral width is usually 3 - 5mm。 According to section size, loading chamber sectional area can be calculated. Before the feed chamber height calculation, shall determine the starting point of charging room height. Generally, no overflow type under high loading chamber to plastic parts underside, and half an overflow type high compression modulus of feeding chamber to squeeze get counted.

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