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PVC chemical properties

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
With the improvement of PVC synthesis technology, the success of vinyl chloride monomer content in PVC resin, basically solved the problem of excessive amounts of vinyl chloride monomer in the resin, it can produce food grade PVC resin. Through the choice of non-toxic additives, reasonable formula, can meet the requirements of health system of PVC plastic products processing. Such as non-toxic PVC transparent sheet, heat shrinkable film, etc. , has been widely used in food packaging industry.

the PVC after the stabilization of a way to give priority to, commonly used fertilizer is the thermal stabilizer. PVC with good chemical stability. And therefore have relatively low in the solubility parameter of ordinary low solubility in organic solvents, PVC resistance to most of the oils, alcohols and fat, but not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, cyclic ether etc organic solvents. Cyclohexanone, dichloroethane and nitrobenzene is a good solvent for PVC.

PVC come out early, it is widely believed that the PVC resin poor health and rarely used in the food industry, but the chronic toxicity test showed that the industrial production of PVC resin itself is nontoxic, its health problems mainly has two aspects: one is residual vinyl chloride monomer in the resin prove harmful to human body. 2 it is used by many plastic additives, especially some thermal stabilizer with different degree of toxicity.

in addition to the more than 50% of the country's concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, no resistance of plasticized PVC most inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution. Chemical resistance of PVC by the rise of temperature, when the temperature above 60 ℃, the strong acid resistance decreased obviously. Chemical stabilizer of PVC and polymerization methods, relative molecular mass, the plasticizing situation about size. Suspension polymerization of PVC resin emulsion polymerization of PVC resin, solvent resistance is superior to the resin molecular weight increase, the solubility decreases, and solvent resistance variation after plasticizing.

PVC performance is good, is a high volume resistivity and dielectric strength, dielectric loss one of small electrical insulating materials, electrical insulation equivalent to that of hard rubber. But due to the poor thermal stability, molecular chain has the polarity, and with the decreasing environmental temperature electrical insulation, with higher frequency of the volume resistivity decreased, dielectric loss increased. In view of the above reasons, normally only used as a low frequency insulation material of PVC plastic.

PVC under the action of light, heat, etc, not only in the macromolecular chain structure of double bond, accompanied by crosslinking, oxidation, cyclization, etc, has brought a series of physical and chemical changes in the material, eventually lose their excellent properties. Stabilization has been the PVC plastic industrial research is one of the most important. Stability method basically has two kinds: one is in the stage of polymerization of PVC resin by regulation and control of polymerization conditions, improve the technological process, and a small amount of the second monomer copolymerization method to change or reduce instability in the PVC macromolecular chain structure. 2 it is to add to stabilising in PVC resin additives, inhibition of slow degradation.

PVC plastic's performance also depends on the formula design, different formulations of PVC insulation materials suitable for different applications. Usually PVC heat decomposition of chloride ions can result in electrical insulating performance is significantly lower, and PVC as the injection molding processing plant insulation formula often choose when using alkaline alkali type lead salt heat stabilizers, and the product of HCI. Choose different plasticizing system of the insulation system has a great influence on the cold resistance and heat resistance. In addition, the performance of PVC resin is associated with polymerization method, emulsion polymerization in the resin for residual impurities such as emulsifier, electric performance is relatively poor resin suspension method.

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