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PVC plasticizer selection

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are the most common plastic domestic processing varieties. Processing of PVC using various kinds of additives, plasticizer dosage is very big, so his investment is much higher than its auxiliaries, even in some soft material formula than the main raw material of PVC resin. Plasticizer is filling amount is larger in PVC plastic products, investment many additives, it not only can significantly improve the plastic injection molding processing performance and operational performance. And choose the right, with appropriate can reduce costs, save energy consumption, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Currently USES two so that two or more mixed plasticizer application, its main reason is to get a balanced comprehensive performance, and single plasticizer is unlikely to be, using the mixed plasticizer can improve the performance of mixture and so on.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of strong polar polymers, the molecules have very big force, can display the plastic to be heated to a certain temperature. He is sensitive to heat, when heated to 130 - 140 ℃ when serious decomposition, began to become brown or black. Due to the strong force between the molecules to make injection molding products processing hard and lack of elasticity and flexibility.

the effect of plasticizer is to weaken the PVC intermolecular forces, resulting in lower softening temperature, reduce the melt viscosity, increase its liquidity, improve the processing properties of PVC products and flexibility. Plasticizer is usually difficult to volatilize high boiling ester, the minority is low melting point of solid, they generally do not react with the polymer.

plasticizer have different classification method, the classification of the commonly used method is according to the chemical structure and application performance, molecular weight, the added way, solubility, etc. Using conditions of plasticizer is has good compatibility with resin, high plasticizing efficiency, etc. , but not a kind of plasticizer can meet all the conditions, the actual use, majority is composed of two or more and, in order to complement each other, get the best plasticizing effect and achieve the perfect performance requirements. The choice of plasticizer in a formula, to make all the performance of products is impossible to achieve optimal value, therefore, when choosing plasticizer first to ensure that the major performance requirements.

compatibility is that two or more substances mixed mutual affinity, namely the miscibility of molecular level, good compatibility to form homogeneous mixing system. In production practice, the plasticizer in polymer compatibility depends mainly decided according to cooperate to experiment and experience. Compatibility evaluation of simple method is to plasticizer, resin and the appropriate solvent mixed in certain proportion, made into homogeneous solution flow into film, observe his state of transparent, thin film homogeneous transparent said good compatibility, fuzzy mean poor compatibility.

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