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Rare earth, water talc stabilizer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Rare earths are our unique resources, accounts for about 80% of the world's reserves, so the use of rare earth heat stabilizer advantaged resource development. The stabilizer has become a domestic leading products in the field of heat stabilizer, compared with other heat stabilizers, rare earth stabilizer has excellent thermal stability, can promote the PVC melting, injection molding processing performance is good, but also has unique coupling compatibilizing, plasticizing and toughening function, good transparency, good weatherability and non-toxic. Should focus on the future development of rare earth stabilizer and stearic acid metal salt and organic tin compound preparation.

although we heat stabilizer production and development has achieved considerable results, there are still many deficiencies compared with the advanced world level and the larger gap. Varieties less small production scale, product quality is bad, there are many small mill production enterprise product moisture content is high, the impact and influence our high quality heat stabilizer production and market. With the development of world PVC industry, foreign new heat stabilizer development emerge in endlessly, some high-grade products needed for the heat stabilizer of PVC rely mainly on imports.

one of the overall development trend of plastic additives is complex and granulating, between different heat stabilizer, stabilizer, plasticizer and other additives, there are synergies. In order to achieve the ideal effect of thermal stability and other aspects, the composite mixed according to proper proportion and way, compound stabilizer system, not only can improve the effect of stability, omitted the formula when stabilizers, lubricants and other plastic additives added and tedious calculation process, convenient use and storage of the user, also can reduce resource waste and environmental pollution, can be made into powder, granular, soluble tablets and pills, and so on. Domestic type composite heat stabilizer has become the key of the development of heat stabilizer, functional additives and lead salt composite efficient clean, composite lead salt heat stabilizers, not only provide convenience for PVC scale processing conditions, and can effectively reduce the production cost.

the rapid development of our PVC industry, for the development of heat stabilizer industry provides a good guarantee of the market and broad space for development, but also the heat stabilizer industry put forward higher requirements. So the next heat stabilizer industry should focus on adjusting the product structure, keep up with the trend of the environmental protection, expand production scale, improve product quality.

hydrotalcite heat stabilizers is to read by the Japanese development of inorganic heat stabilizer. Hydrotalcite compounds are widely used anionic layer column material, can be used as auxiliary agent a variety of materials. The main application research on several kinds of hydrotalcite heat stabilizers with other thermal stability of distribution as a heat stabilizer, further improve the thermal stability of PVC; At the same time to share with other additives can improve PVC light stability and weather resistance. In addition, hydrotalcite compounds due to its special structure, also can be used as a fire retardant agents, lubricants, etc. The hydrotalcite compounds has become a very promising multifunctional injection molding processing AIDS.

in the future should focus on developing high extrusion, high fluidity and good plasticizing capacity, prevent precipitation composite lead salt heat stabilizers. Organotin heat stabilizer and organic auxiliary stabilizer with better synergy, organic tin and metal salts, rare earth salts to cooperate, can obviously increase the transparency and thermal stability, injection molding processing products, in addition of rare earth heat stabilizer is essentially composite products for industrial application. More articles:

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