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Reaction injection molding and extrusion molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Or extrusion molding, extrusion or extrusion process, plastic raw materials between rotating screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel in transmission, compression, plasticizing melting in a row, followed by quantitative extruder head and mouth shape, and finalize the design for the products in the process of drawing and cooling of a molding method. The mouth of the extruder die decided to products at the end of the shape, the shape of the plastic injection products processing is limited in the direction of the width and height, and in the length direction, is due to the manufacturing process of extrusion is a continuous unrestricted, can be in after molding, products according to the required length of intercepted.

in order to improve the dimensional stability of finished products, heat resistance and elastic modulus, can be mixed in the system, the resin component and ground broken fiber, wollastonite, mica or inorganic fiber reinforced material such as mixed together, again in injection mold, long fiber in advance can also be placed in the mould, the injection pressure and mixed resin. The former is called reinforced reaction injection molding, while the latter is called structural reaction injection molding.

will be surface, high performance materials and use common plastic as core layer, it can produce high performance and low cost plastic products surface, also have the opposite, that is the core layer with special materials or reinforced material, the surface layer with common plastic. Using sandwich forming technology can manufacture surface as hard, and the core layer of the structure of the foam material foam plastics. This product has a hard, smooth surface quality and the quality of high strength ratio, and compared with the solid product quality, the same material, which has higher rigidity 3 - 4 times.

reaction injection molding is suitable for the production of complex geometry, thin or large, thick wall of foam products and enhanced products, mainly used in the large plastic molding. Reinforced reaction injection molding, the production of automotive products can include engine cover, car door plank, the tail plate, etc. ; And structure reaction injection molding technology is mainly used for the preparation of high performance structure could replace steel members. These artifacts require high strength, large volume, complicated structure, forming is difficult, but on the surface quality of the products is not high.

in addition to the automotive industry, the development of other potential fields including experimental instrument, electrical products, civil construction, leisure equipment and other industrial bearing parts. In injection molding is refers to the use of two or more than two injection unit of injection molding machine, different varieties, different materials, or different color of plastic melt, at the same time, or sequential injection mold of molding method. Common injection molding technology can be used to produce double color, multicolor, functionality and two-component materials of plastic products.

reaction injection molding is different from the usual processing injection molding, reaction injection molding is a kind of with reactive liquid resin, complete the chemical reaction in the process of injection molding of a molding method. The process is that will have a proportional and a mixture of liquid components, under a certain temperature and pressure, injection mould in the form of liquid level rise and finally finish reaction and curing in mold. Reaction injection molding are polyester as the main raw material, other applicable resin with epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester, nylon, etc.

bi-component products of surface and central layers with different components of the process, also known as sandwich injection. To process is, first to cavity injection of a plastic melt, then added another plastic melt to the mold cavity, the latter melt completely is a kind of plastic melt cladding and form the core layer. Sandwich injection molding process has a variety of purposes, such as waste plastic core layer, can solve the problem of waste plastics recycling.

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