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Reduce the glass fiber reinforced polyester warp sexual way

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Molding shrinkage in addition to related to molding process, mainly from the characteristics of material itself, crystalline polymer in forming the cooling crystallization process, the molecular arrangement tends to be neat, the free space will become smaller when molten state, resulting in a molding shrinkage. PBT, PET a crystalline polymer, so forming some contraction, slow crystallization rate of PET, in particular, if the mold temperature is low, the products quickly cooling, but not completely crystallization, not only affect the injection molding processing performance parts, also affect the shrinkage rate.

spherical inorganic fillers such as wollastonite, calcium carbonate, glass beads and cheap, can improve the appearance of GRPBT, GRPET, large surface hardness of silica powder, can improve the apparent hardness. PBT, PET chemical structure similar to that of melting temperature is close to in the blend, blend of body in the amorphous phase state shows a single glass transition temperature, the compatibility of both is good. But when melt mixing, long residence time can produce ester exchange reaction, at the beginning of the formation of block copolymer, time grew to form a random copolymer, lose two kinds of polymer their respective advantages, mixing, therefore needs to take measures to prevent the ester exchange.

the glass fiber reinforced polyester has good mechanical properties and heat resistance. Carbon fiber is composed of carbon element a kind of special fiber, the carbon content is in commonly 90% above. Carbon fiber has the general characteristics of carbon materials, his high temperature resistant, friction resistance, conductive, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. , but unlike general carbon materials: obvious anisotropy, and the structure of microcrystalline along the fiber axis have preferred orientation, thus in the fiber direction has a high tensile strength and young's modulus.

the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced PBT, PET is better than that of glass fiber reinforced PBT, PET, along with the development of the miniaturization of electronic electrical products, the demand for high strength heat resistant polyester will be bigger and bigger, so the carbon fiber reinforced PBT, PET has a broad market prospect. Consider cost and performance at the same time, also can use the glass fiber/carbon fiber mixed use, this kind of hybrid fiber can play the advantages of performance and price, for general industrial use.

fill enhancement is one of the ways to solve the reinforced polyester warp and filling reinforced PBT and PET has competitive advantage on cost, use proper processing AIDS and toughening agent, can produce high strength, low warp, liquid reinforced PBT and PET. The type of filling material, to enhance the performance of PBT, PET has a certain impact, with layered, acicular, fibrous mineral filler has certain enhancement function to PBT, PET, often with glass fiber, carbon fiber mixed use.

the glass fiber reinforced polyester molding processing products is easy to warp, the main reason is that in the process of the melt extrusion, fiber orientation arranged along the direction of melt flow, in flow direction and vertical direction on reinforced polyester molding shrinkage rate is different from warping. Enhanced than enhance PET, PBT, buckling of sex that some drawbacks limit the application of reinforced polyester in thin wall products. Wollastonite, mica, montmorillonite, talcum powder, glass beads with fiber, needle, the layered structure of inorganic, polyester both to strengthen, and can reduce the problem of uneven molding shrinkage.

adding nucleating agent, accelerating the crystallization rate, has been completely before the cooling crystallization, to a certain extent, reduce the molding shrinkage rate. In the PBT and PET mixing multiphase structure of other polymers to form stable, can reduce the warp. With filling improved warping, but reduces the material mechanical properties, with other non-crystalline polymer blends increased, does not damage its mechanical properties, and can reduce the material of warp. Reinforced polyester varieties of glass fiber reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced, the increase of filling, enhanced toughening, flame retardant, etc. Series of varieties.

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