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Reinforced thermoplastic plastic sheets

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
RRIM usually refers to using the short cut fiber or flake material enhanced RIM production process of this kind of material. RRIM injection molding processing products accounts for more than half of RIM material dosage, its characteristic is improved parts size stability, heat resistance, improve the mechanical properties. SRIM reaction injection structure, namely is to long as reinforcing fiber, placed in the mold cavity, and then the RIM resin injection. SRIM is of the fastest growing in the area of research in motion (RIM) in recent years. The increased fiber length, high modulus, suitable for structural parts.

in the matrix resin mixed with a certain amount of vinyl ester resin, elastomer material, and PET fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber and so on to improve the impact toughness, wear resistance and rigid. High temperature insulation is quite good, can in 160 ℃ environment medium and long-term use, arc resistance and leakage resistance characteristics of electrical insulation explosion-proof technology belong to the top. BMC excellent comprehensive performance and low shrinkage rate close to zero, is developing rapidly to become a kind of thermosetting composite material.

the reinforced thermoplastic plastic sheet molding products is about 70% 80% are used in automobile industry, and the rest are used in chemical industry, construction, packaging, sports equipment and other fields. Because developed long fiber injection molding technology, GMT technology will face the challenge, has the potential to partly replace in the future. Research in motion (RIM) is short for reaction injection molding technology. So-called reaction injection molding, is to two or more than the liquid composition of high reactivity, immediately after mixing in the mold in the seal and realize aggregation within the mold, crosslinking and curing. RIM materials refers to such a kind of process engineering of materials.

reinforced thermoplastic plastic sheets, referred to as 'RTPS, is a kind of similar to thermosetting SMC composite materials, semi-finished products, when used according to the shape of the products and requirements, cut into billet, after preheating, placed in the mold cavity, through moulding can get the products you need. RTPS reinforced material is adopted by the glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber. Reinforced material in the form of short fiber, long fiber, long fiber and continuous fiber.

in the RTPS, 90% glass fiber non-woven mat reinforced polypropylene and other thermoplastic resin, hereinafter referred to as GMT, its glass fiber content is generally 20% 45%, the thickness of the sheet is usually 1 - 4mm。 Making GMT process has two kinds, namely impregnating method and suspension impregnation method. There are two kinds of the organizational structure of the product, is a kind of continuous glass fiber mat or needle felt and thermoplastic plastics laminated, and the other is random distribution of short fibers or long fiber and thermoplastic resin powder made of a sheet.

general shrinkage rate of BMC for 0 0. 5%, the smaller the shrinkage rate, the more to improve the dimensional precision of injection molding products processing. In addition, the linear expansion coefficient of BMC is low, the effect on the stability of the external environment of the size of the products is relatively small. Excellent creep resistance, products rigid is better also. Compared with BMC, due to the BMC glass fiber length is used in SMC to short, glass fiber content is lower, so the mechanical strength than SMC, especially the impact strength is not high.

the different production process, different organizational structure, make the performance of the sheet has bigger difference. In the high temperature range has excellent impact toughness, higher than that of SMC - at least 2 Three times. The tensile strength, bending strength, elastic modulus, and the fatigue limit strength is relatively high. Due to have excellent creep properties, so a higher long-term characteristics of the bearing load. Thermal expansion coefficient is lower, and relatively constant.

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