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Relevant specification of the resin

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Some injection tooling thermal decomposition temperature and melting temperature of the resin is very close to, or thermal decomposition temperature below the melting temperature, it brings to the melt processing huge difficulty, the effective method to improve the thermal decomposition temperature to join the right amount of stabilizer in the pure resin. To reduce the melting temperature of the resin have two aspects: on the one hand can make the melting temperature away from decomposition temperature, lower decomposition temperature of the resin in the processing, on the other hand lower melting temperature can reduce the energy consumption in the process, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The additive can reduce melting temperature, mainly plasticizer, and easy machining resins and additives, etc. , in which the effect of plasticizer is obvious.

to improve the resin injection molding processing liquidity include two aspects, one is to improve the melt flow rate, and reduce the liquidity of the melt. Improve the liu qualitative primarily for some melt viscosity of the melt flow is very high and difficult to resin. Because only the melt flow easily, may be full of cavity smoothly, achieve the goal of molding plastic processing of qualified products.

lower melt flow mainly aimed at very low melt viscosity of resin, such as pure thermosetting resin melt viscosity is very low, almost close to the fluid, it is difficult to processing, to improve the melt viscosity of the modified before injection molding processing. Some of the melt flow characteristic is very bad, such as easy to create the melt fracture phenomenon, low melt strength, melt flow instability. Way to improve melt flow properties to join processing AIDS.

plasticizer is a class of polymer and plastic material can be improved. Volume effect is mainly for non-polar plasticizer, the role of his way to insert the resin molecular chain, increase the distance between the molecules, which impair the acting force between molecules, reduce the melt viscosity, increase of the molecular chain arranges. Such addition amount of plasticizer, the more the greater the volume effect, and the volume of a long chain shape of plasticizer effect is bigger than rings plasticizer.

if shielding effect is for polarity plasticizer, to role as with polarity plasticizer and the interaction between polar polymer instead of the polarity between the polymer molecules gravity, thereby weakening the forces between the molecules and the plasticizing effect known as shielding effect.

assistant plasticizer for some poor compatibility with PVC, adding quantity is restricted, easy to precipitate plasticizer addition amount is too big. He is generally not used alone, and need to join with primary plasticizer, plasticizing can only be to achieve. Assistant plasticizer tend to have their unique features.

phosphate ester plasticizer is a kind of primary plasticizer, its heat resistance for the flame retardant and antibacterial, often used for flame retardant PVC products parts instead of DOP. Phosphate ester plasticizers are the main disadvantages of toxicity, except diphenyl phosphate ester zinn has toxicity, and should not be used for food, skin contact of PVC products.

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