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Required for the production of PVC extrusion factory matters needing attention

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In carries on the operation process of PVC profile, to have the certain safety in the workplace, can avoid endanger the manipulation of the staff's personal safety. Security for the task smoothly.

PVC extrusion in operation occurs very much influence to the efficiency and efficacy of PVC extrusion of zhong then there are several factors in the work site. The PVC profile operation process, work environment standards are:

one, all harmful to human body, has the pungent and flammable chemicals production process operation process should be placed in the channeling of the individual industrial workshop, or planning on the location of the specific division within the industrial workshop, and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment.

2, must be the personal safely into mechanical equipment the above positions, should be installed with protective railings and stair platform bridge. Industrial building roads and Bridges corridor should be laid prevent slippery ground.

3, the production workshop in the corridor should be prepared to handle draught infrastructure, to prevent the spread of fire infrastructure such as automation control fire doors and Windows, fire smoke damper, water curtain, etc.

4, pedestrian corridor shouldn't have to be placed on the machinery and equipment, items, and cable across the points, total is not less than one meter wide corridor.

5, the production line in the working area half empty stand below must build safety nets, avoid falling objects.

the above is about PVC extrusion custom factory work environment need to be aware of a few important points, hope to help you.
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