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Rod extrusion die typical structure

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Fishtail type nose structure is relatively simple and easy processing, suitable for a variety of plastic extrusion molding, but is not suitable for forming the wide plate, generally less than 500 mm in length, plate thickness is not more than 3 mm. The tail of the divergence Angle cannot too big, usually take around 80 ℃. Screw head in the straight tube cavity adding a screw drive alone. Screw rotation can be further plasticizing plastic melt and the width of the uniform distribution. Temperature control is also relatively easy; But because of the screw must be made into long, gradually deformation thread, single rotation, so the structure is complex and processing difficulties, the cost is high also, injection molding processing parts surface will appear wavy. This kind of nose extrusion plate thickness for up to 20 mm, width is 2000 - 4000 mm, suitable for all kinds of plastic, especially some poor liquidity, heat-sensitive strong plastic.

choose extruder, according to the rod diameter size extruder screw diameter should be less than the rod diameter. Based on features of plastic, ABS, polycarbonate, polysulfone, polyphenylene oxide, such as used the gradient screw, polyformaldehyde, polytrifluorochloroethylene screw for mutations. Usually the screw take 20 - length to diameter ratio 25, 2 of compression ratio. 5 - 3. 5. In addition to the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic, can be set up in 80 - 150 - mesh.

branch pipe type nose small volume, light quality, simple structure, easy processing, width is adjustable, can squeeze width larger plate, is widely used. Fishtail type cavity is the tail of the nose, plastic melt from the nose into the central cavity, the shunt in both sides, in the die extrusion plate, but easy to cause the thickness of the plastic parts is not uniform. In order to overcome this defect, usually in the nose cavity choke is installed inside, also can use choke rod at the same time, in order to adjust the size of the material flow resistance.

bar extrusion molding of the nose structure is compared commonly simple, it is similar with the pipe extrusion, the difference is the mandrel pipe extrusion head was replaced by the shunt, in order to reduce the internal volume, increase the heating area of plastic flow in sometimes without shunt device, the entire head made no stagnation expected the streamlined flow channel as long as can meet the flow requirements. Rod extrusion die is usually divided into port of cone die and no diversion cone model two kinds of structure types of the bar. Sizing set of decision to bar surface quality and also affects the rod core close-grained degree.

extrusion molding machine can produce the thickness of 0. More than 25 mm plate and the thickness of sheet, at 0. Referred to as the film under 25 mm. Suitable for variety of sheet extrusion molding plastic is PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, resistance to impact polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyamide, formaldehyde and cellulose acetate, etc. , in which the first four applications. In the production of plate head inlet is circular, the internal transition into a slit, eventually forming the wide and thin flat out of the mouth.

the nose of small size, compact structure, stable material flow and flow rate can be controlled. When designing this kind of head, should consider more big pipe caused by gravity is the influence of uneven wall thickness, generally should adjust the mouth mould eccentric, mouth module and the clearance between the mandrel and the following is smaller than the above 10% 18% as well. Bar is refers to the section of round solid plastic material, used for forming bars have plastic injection molding processing of ABS, polyamide, PC, POM, PPO, PSU, PVC, PE, pp and PS.

plastic melt as the change of flow channel, uniform distribution along the width direction, across the entire width of the cross section to move forward on equal, the speed of extrusion plastic plate with uniform thickness. This type machine head can be roughly divided into the tube head, fish head, screw head and mounted the nose and so on four big kinds. The nose cavity tube shaped pipe type, a longitudinal incision by connected with mouth mold division, to shunt of plastic melt, make its flow width to achieve the requirement of the plate type billet, and voltage stabilizing role.

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